Reviews for Outlaw Lovers series by Amazon Nymph of Literary Nymphs

Reviews for Outlaw Lovers series by Amazon Nymph of Literary Nymphs

Jude Outlaw – Outlaw Lovers 1

4 Nymphs …heavy chemistry…interesting scenario


jude outlaw book one

More info on Jude Outlaw


The Claiming – Outlaw Lovers 2

4.5 Nymphs…alot of suspense…surprising end


the claiming book two

More info on The Claiming


Colter’s Revenge – Outlaw Lovers 3

4.5 Nymphs…some very steamy scenes…surprising twist


colters revenge book three

More info on Colter’s Revenge 


Tyler’s Woman – Outlaw Lovers 4

4.5 Nymphs…journey of betrayal, secrecy and suspense


tylers woman book four

More info on Tyler’s Woman http://www.ellorascave.com/tyler-s-woman.html

Resistance – Outlaw Lovers 5

5 Nymphs…very intense chemistry…suspense and betrayal abound


resistance book five

More info on Resistance http://www.ellorascave.com/resistance.html

Many thanks to Amazon Nymph!! I do appreciate your time and I am thrilled you enjoyed the stories 🙂

Hugs and Happy Reading!


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