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“Northern Heat” gets 5 stars from JERR

JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) has given “Northern Heat” 5 stars!

Here’s some of the review:

“…In this delightful anthology we discover a selection of Canadian authors who not only find ways of warming your winter nights but also setting your body ablaze with their steamy and passionate tales. Northern Heat offers a literary confection from different romance voices across genres. Whether it’s a trip to the romantic City of Lights, through to a ranch hosted by a sexy cowboy, an out of this world experience with a sexy alien, to a ménage a trios from some of Canada’s best romance authors…”

…Ménage by Jan Springer doesn’t disappoint.
This veteran romance author introduces readers to a like-minded heroine whose fantasy of
a ménage a trios comes true after visiting The Key Club.” – Aggie Tsirikas

For more reviews on the other stories in the anthology you can find it in this month’s newsletter edition at (join newsletter if you aren’t a member).

Plus authors & publisher in the anthology are:

Opal Carew –
Quarry Press –
Anara Bell –
Bonnie Edwards –
Cathryn Fox –
Christine d’Abo –
Jan Springer –
Kate St. James –
Kayla Perrin –
Leah Braemel –
Sasha White –
Savanna Fox –
Sharon Page –

Happy Reading!





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