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Squeeeing! One more scene left to write for Marley’s Menage!

Okay so I’ve decided I am going to start posting more often to my blog…mainly because I need a journal and this place is it! Woot! I hope you all don’t mind. *grin*

Have mercy!!  I have Marley’s Menage, Book 2 of my Key Club series almost finished!! It was a long haul writing it between other stories that were busting out of me which I had contracted with Ellora’s Cave.

But I have decided to keep this series for myself and will publish it through Spunky Girl Publishing.

I have one more hot scene to write for Marley’s Menage. Then I’ll give it a polish as I read it over and then she is off to the editors! Woot!  Crossing my fingers for a mid  to late November release, maybe earlier. 🙂

I put yet another round of tulips in, this time at my mom and dad’s place. It will give us some cheerful colors come Spring. I got this last batch of tulips at the Dollar Store and they (tulips) came all the way from Holland.  All kinds of colors. I hope the squirrels don’t find them. LOL  And I did some outdoor caulking this morning too around the parent’s house sealing up cracks in the foundation and getting the old house ready for the winter.

Below is a picture of my brother’s birthday cake – he turned 52 on the 18th of October. Getting old my man!! LOL

Pic taken by Sharon Quested.



Okay, off to grab a bite and then back to writing!



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