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Marley’s Menage is FINISHED!! *doing the happy dance*

Just going to put it aside for a day or so and then look it over one more time. Ooohhhh I am so thrilled!!! 

How about those zombies on The Walking Dead last night – Rick and the rest appear to be in for some big trouble with that possible flu outbreak. What I didn’t like – the way he was slicing open those piglets for the zombies…talk about ewwwwwwwwww!! But that show had me on the edge of my seat. I wonder if Rick is going to lose it again. and start seeing his dead wife. He did give Carl back his gun. Wonder if Carl is going to start wearing that hat of his again. lolol  And what’s up with Michone breaking down like that when she held little baby Judith in her arms??? Ohhh dear. I felt really bad for her. Wonder what her story is?

Okay off to RELAX for a bit. Then gonna watch Days of Our Lives…Kristen and Brady are supposed to get married any day now, but Nicole mentioned to Brady that Kristin had been unfaithful…hmmmm and then that flash drive is in Daniel’s office now…with Kristen and Father Eric making out on it. Lawdy!




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