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Buzzzzy Day!

As promised, more posting. *grin*

Soooo I got up bright and early this morning and decided to take advantage of the sun and I put on my winter hat and mitts and headed out for a nice long walk on the trails.

I turned a corner on the trail and lo and behold I see this huge thing – probably twice the size of a human head – hanging up in a tree. Turns out to be this MASSIVE wasp nest! I’ve traveled by that particular area soooo many times this year and never noticed it. But now with the leaves gone, the nest stuck out like a sore thumb.

Here’s an idea of how it looked:

wasp nest



Have mercy did that nest make me paranoid and had me looking over my shoulder the rest of the day.

Fast forward to this afternoon where I picked our apple tree clean (Delicious apples) – and yes you guessed it I was surrounded by wasps that were nesting on some of the apples that had been partially eaten by squirrels. Thankfully they (the wasps not the squirrels lol) were so drunk on the sugar in the apples they barely paid any attention to me. LOL

Here’s  the tree before I stripped it bare. That’s just one branch *grin* So I think I picked a good two bushels. And they do live up to their name – delicious!


Fast forward to this evening.  A fuse blew in the house  –  and so I head into the basement to change it and don’t I hear buzzzzzzing on the window…shivers shoot up and down my neck – there’s not only one wasp – but THREE of them. Those nasty black and white ones….Ohhhhh man! Needless to say they have been neutralized. But it sure is true in what they say that things come in threes. LOLOL

I am still trying to figure out how they got in.

Book news – I have started the final read through of Marley’s Menage…looking good…and I’m toying with ideas for a Christmas themed Menage – “A Merry Menage Christmas”  a book three for the Key Club series. I already have the cover – but won’t reveal it until I know for sure I can have the story done for this December *evil grin*.

Soooo how about Days of Our Lives today – Nicole confessed to Father Eric she LOVES him!!! Sweet!  JJ is sooo in trouble with Jennifer…Brady dropped the hint that he knows Kirsten had an affair! Lawdy! And guess what??? I have started to watch Young and the Restless – So excited that Nicki has found her son  (he is soo cute) !! So sad about the little girl who got hit and killed by the hit and run…I mean ohhh my goodness that soap has good drama!

Okay so I’m heading back to work for a bit.

Have a good one!



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