Watching tonight!

I just realized it is Hump Day!! That means a couple of my favorite tv shows are on tonight – Revolution and Criminal Minds.

Revolution is kind of similar to my Desperadoes series over at BookStrand. If you want to know why I haven’t continued that series it is because it literally SCARED me…LOL…life without electricity does not look like it is much fun. Although I was partly raised that way up at our cottage from age 8 to 50….it didn’t bug me having no electricity but we had a propane stove and a wood stove and there were just short bursts of time I spent there. Anyways as I got into the Desperadoes series I started getting nervous about life with no electricity and decided to put the series on hold for a bit. Lawdy! I sure can scare myself can’t I? My dad always said I had a very good imagination. LOL


And how about that “Criminal Minds”. Man, there sure are some psycho scary people out there in the world. I have enjoyed this series since Day One and now that there appears to be something going on between AJ and this new fellow on the team…she’s married! And quite happily or so I thought!! I wonder what is going on between them??  And boy was I ticked off a couple of years ago when they fired her from the show, but glad they brought her back.


Book Update:  Attention: All Romance eBook Fans!! “Toygasm” is now available at All Romance eBooks.


Happy Reading!


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