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Brrrrr! Cold one out there!

Woke up to all the roofs covered in white and the house COLD! Even the new skylights that we had installed this Spring had condensation running down inside. 😦  I guess it would have helped to turn on the heat through the night? Heat is on now and it is starting to get toasty inside. But it’s a day for long johns. Mom and I went down to the lake for a walk on the trails early this a.m.. She put on her long johns (smart girl) and I didn’t…so guess who ended up with a chilly behind? This is a pic from a few days ago and where we like to walk.


On the way back we popped into the Italian bakery and got some cheese and gluten-free Soppresetta salami. Yummy! Guess what we’re having for lunch!!

Well, yesterday I was all gung ho to watch Revolution and Criminal Minds…but last night I ended up falling asleep and missing both. *le sigh* Thankfully Rogers On Demand will come in handy. I must be getting old for wanting to go to bed sooo early these days?

I talked to my snowplow guy this morning and he’ll be doing the plowing at my place again this winter. Yeah! He’s such a sweetheart. 🙂 Too bad I am in the snow belt area – as he doesn’t much like winters anymore. But oh if only I had a truck with snowplow, I think I would love plowing people’s driveways. 🙂

And I had planned on going up on the roof to clean out the eave gutters today – but I think I will wait until it warms up again. If it warms up again….oiiii

Oh and yesterday I also bought the cover for “Jaxie’s Menage” – another planned sequel in the Key Club. Wooot! Cover release will be when the story is close to completion. I have scheduled it to be written come this Spring. 🙂

Okay so it’s back to that final read through of the current story. Should be done today and then it is off to the editor. Finally!! Woot!

Have a good one!


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