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Mouse in the house last night!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is CheeChee…if you don’t want to read about the mouse she brought home last night – then read no further. LOL You have been warned.

CheeChee is around 5 years old. She was a stray and half wild when I found her in a park on a very windy and freezing winter day. She was stuck in a very very tall tree and it took me over half an hour to coax her down…after which she followed me to my car and refused to get out! So I took her home and to thank me for my troubles she has brought me home a mouse or two every evening. You see CheeChee gets hysterical if she cannot get outside when she wants, and so she is what we call an outdoor cat. She lives on the front porch in her warm snuggly double decker fleece pad and comes in and out of our house all day long – hence me the door person. She has me trained well.

She will also sit on the window sill and won’t budge unless I shake the Temptations pouch – she is exactly like those kitties in the Temptations commercials where they come from far and wide when they hear the pouch shaking.  And so last night I had the pouch in hand to temp her to come in for the night. I opened the door and in she rushes. Oh, I thought, that was easy…too easy.

I find her hunkered down on the carpet on the floor hunched over something – at first I thought oh my god she is sick!! But nooooo I see a couple of mouse legs hanging out of her jaw…ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…so I am yelling for mom – yep I’m not for mice. And here comes my mom all shrieking at the cat as we both thought the mouse was maybe still alive and let’s save it but noooooooo CheeChee finally drops the mouse and all that is left of our mouse is the tail, the back legs and bottom torso….lovely eh???? Sooo grossssssss! LOL Poor little mouse. 😦  Anyways that is my mouse tale (no pun intended)

Well I must trudge off as CheeChee is here meoooowwing her head off that she wants to go outside. Oiiiiii That’s my CheeChee.

P.S. We named her this because she loves Cheese. 🙂

Have a great day!!




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