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It’s Halloween!! It’s raining and warm but they are calling for some high winds for tonight…which has got me somewhat uneasy. When I was a kid I loved the wind, but when I saw a tree drop down on my dad’s car one Autumn, my fun for the wind turned to respect. Now that I am older and I have a more vivid imagination of what can go wrong from too much wind…like no electricity!!!  I don’t enjoy it anymore. Especially when the wind is severe. Outside my office window I have an apple tree that dances way too much when the wind blows…I guess the few apples I left up there for the squirrels may just come thru the window!  LOL And the howling sound of the wind smacking against those windows gives me the heebie jeebies. But I guess it is appropriate for the spookiest night of the year, eh? I, for one, am going to pull the blankets over my head tonight!! Woot! Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! happy halloween jan 🙂

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