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Men’s work today!

Oiiii wish I had a man or two about the house to do all the manual labor. LOL

I popped up onto my parent’s roof today. It’s old and a little bit sagging in parts, like an old horse, but it seems sturdy.

We had new skylights put in (they look awesome) and the roof re-shingled early this Spring due to ice damage and leaks around the skylights and leaks into the garage.  The new job looks wonderful. Even the ridge vent that had me sooooo worried as it is something I not familiar with – a Shingle Ridge Vent II instead of the aluminum kind they had years ago.  The new ridge vent seems solid. Hopefully it will last a good long while and will cut down on the ice jams we’ve been having.

I cleaned out the eaves too…the last few years the eaves were clogging due to a gorgeous birch tree with huge branches hanging over the roof -the tree was also slapping against the electrical so we had to cut down the tree in the Spring. The roof looked pretty good up there. Still lots of leaves in the eaves but not bad. Whew! So now with that cleaning and inspection out of the way I can rest easy…until the snow flies! lol

Now I am heading back to my writer’s cave to continue work on A Merry Menage Christmas. Gosh, I love my job. 🙂

Have a good one!!


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