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Yep, I’m getting worried about my sick furball, Emily. She spent the afternoon at the vet where they did Xrays and blood work.

When I asked the vet if I should be worried – she said – “a little”. When she said that – I started to worry even more. For now it looks like something with her heart as it doesn’t sound right and the rate is too slow for a nervous cat at the vet. Possible heart disease. She says the blood work can eliminate heart disease.

The Xrays showed lungs are good and she can’t see anything with the heart. But she thinks there is something there by the sternum but she’s not sure what…so she is posting the Xrays pics to show her colleagues in the hopes someone can give her feedback. So I have Emily sitting on the bed here beside me, wide awake and seemingly content although her breathing is quick and it bugs me!!

Okay so no writing today. Will hopefully get back into it tomorrow. But while we waited for the Xray results the vet sent us out shopping. LOL I guess to keep our minds off Emily. So I ended up buying some DVD’s over at the Giant Tiger…Love Comes Softly Vol 1 & Vol 2. to help cheer me up. love comes softly     Gonna spend the rest of the evening relaxing with the kittie. Keeping a close eye on her. Hope you have a great evening! jan

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