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Me Confused ???

Here I sit brokenhearted…*huge frown*…

I applied for an ITIN (authors will recognize these initials) from the IRS so that I won’t lose 30% off my indie pubbed ebook sales to the US taxman…and because Canada – US has a tax free agreement and I should be exempt and will do a Canadian tax return. But because I have indie pubbed books I need an ITIN.

Okay, so after more than 10 weeks of waiting (I understand the shutdown was probably the delay)  I received a reply today. (yeah!)

In it there is a note saying they are processing the W-7 form I sent them…and if I don’t get my ITIN Number in 6 weeks then I should give them a call…YET they also included my original certified passport plus another form asking for backup forms to support the exemption regarding tax-free royalties…which I did send with the original certified passport they sent back… so I tried to call to maybe clarify – long distance – and was told I would have to wait up to 15 minutes….oiiiii…can I say $$$ so I will just resend the info by mail. Anyways that was my low light of the day.

The highlight of the day was a call from my vet’s assistant telling me Emily’s blood results are “not bad” – not sure what that means…and that the vet will give me a call tomorrow. She said there appears to be no heart disease (yeah) and no diabetes (another yeah). She was also glad to hear that Emily was eating today – not that she hadn’t been eating…she was just slow in getting out of bed lately to get her food. I still think something is wrong with her but will wait for the vet’s call tomorrow.


The lowest highlight was when I took an early walk in a local provincial park that allows waterfowl hunting- I found three dead Canada goose on the beach, another dead Canada Goose floating in the bay waters and another bird – not sure what it was – paddling around in circles on the water – obviously injured. AND for the entire one and half hours of my walk I could hear someone shooting and shooting and shooting??? Not sure what is going on there as there were only two trucks in the Waterfowl parking area – and one of them was the Ministry truck…so why are there so many dead birds around? Either the hunter is trigger happy, using the birds as targets (can they do that? and are they even allowed to shoot Canada Goose on this side of the border?).  Anyhows not sure why they allow hunting right beside a wildlife bird sanctuary but I REALLY wanted to report it but I wasn’t sure if the Ministry guy at the trailer post would shoot ME as he must know what he is doing??? Oiiiii those poor birds.

In the meantime – congratulations to those of you on getting so far in this post…LOL…I must head back to my current work in progress.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!





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