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Cat tales

Well, the adventures of Emily continues.

We took her into the vet this afternoon due to her not eating. The vet gave her an appetite stimulant plus some antibiotics for possible gastro-intestinal issues because I had noticed she was doing some lip licking – which it turns out is apparently a sign of nausea in cats.

When we brought her home she headed straight to the kitchen and wanted food, but when I gave her some, she refused to eat. 😦



So I had to syringe some food into her as per the vet’s instructions and so far she is keeping it down. 😀 Right now she is sleeping one her side of my bed, purring contentedly. But I am anything content as I worry what is coming for her.

Alas no writing today – but yesterday made up for it…maybe that is why I have the kink in the neck? *grin*

Okay so I am off to check on the patient again and maybe get in a bit of writing tonight. 🙂 I am afraid my Christmas story may not make it out for Christmas due to everything that’s going on…but I will keep trying.

Stay safe,






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