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Emergency Vet Visit

For folks following my Emily thread – at our vet’s encouragement and because Emily had puked up all her food last night, we decided to bring her to an Animal Emergency Hospital for a second opinion.

They took another round of x-rays and that vet also suspects cancer. There appears to be something going on around her bronchial areas…but again she couldn’t fully confirm. Everything else looks good on her xrays.

The good news is they hydrated her and gave her something to settle her tummy. She has eaten a little food on her own (but only with EXTREME encouragement from yours truly) and I was able to get her meds down. She DOES have a REAL interest in eating PILL POCKETS…but those are not nutritional according to the vet’s assistant. But Emily sure does love to chow them down. Talk about a ferocious pill pocket appetite. lol

So Emily’s medical adventures continue…let’s hope she is feeling better soon, because if she starts to deteriorate we may have to put her down. I don’t want to see her suffer. 😦



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