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The Big Chill


Too cold for a walk today so I did some groceries- bought gluten-free salami – & tons of vegetables. I just polished off a delicious salad with cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, corn, tuna and topped off with mayonnaise. Delicious! And I did a bit more winterizing on one of the basement windows which is in serious need of replacement.

Now it’s off to do some writing on a story I have set in Northern Ontario Canada. The current project is to target the Ellora’s Cave Va Va Boomers theme. Here are the requirements:

VaVa Boomers

Sexy seniors. Mature heroines and heroes have the benefit of experience and well-developed skills! These over-fifty heroines show that love and lust last a lifetime.

  • Length: 10K – 70K words
  • Deadline for both internal/external submissions: 2/1/14 (earlier is preferred)
  • Heroines must be 50+ as “real” age—no immortal vampires, hundred-year-old shapeshifters, or twenty-somethings who’ve been in an enchanted sleep for fifty years, please! No older woman/younger man stories—heroes could be a few years younger to many years older than heroine, but the story is not about their age difference. (Could also be two heroines or two heroes.  J )
  • Most EC Lines and subgenres welcome.
  • Stories release in September 2014.

Hope you all have a great day!


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