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Story is writing itself!

Every once in awhile I write a story that “writes by itself”.

My current work-in-progress tentatively titled “Inner Girl Rising” is doing just that. It is amazing to sit at my computer and have my fingers fly over the keyboard so quickly that before I know what has happened I am sitting at 6,000 words. LOL. I really hope I can keep up this wonderful pace. It is quite fun! The story takes place in Northern Ontario, Canada and will be filled with wildlife and of course erotic romance menages!

I snapped a shot of my mom’s Christmas lights from inside the house. Looks so pretty!


And due to the recent snowstorm, Chee Chee the cat has been sticking mainly to our front porch and window sill. She absolutely hates getting her feet wet with the snow. She is such a princess! 🙂


And since she is sooooooooooooo bored, I’ve taken to getting her to exercise with a fast-moving string. Here she is below, after a work-out session. LOL. I am an evil task master, eh?



And today my mom was busy too! After many years of having no interest in sewing, she lugged out her old Bernina sewing machine (the Bernina must be 55yrs old as it was a wedding present to her by my dad!). She whipped up some nice curtains for the side door.  Took her a very short time. But she says her fingers just do not work as they used to.



Well, enough stalling! I shall head back to my story. You have a great day!!

Hugs and Happy Reading!



2 responses

  1. The Christmas lights are so pretty.

    December 16, 2013 at 11:52 pm

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