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It was the ice storm of all storms!!

Wow, I cannot believe I survived that ice storm. The past couple of days I am living in a land that has been dipped in ice. I prefer to think of it as crystal – makes it more bearable and it sure is pretty when the sun shines.

ice storm

But the ice storms have left behind utter destruction – trees down, branches everywhere, long icicles hanging off the hydro wires and crystal glaze on everything!! When I get my camera working I will upload some pics I took. 🙂

I had every right to be anxious because if anything could go wrong during that storm- it did! Just as the second ice storm took hold I had to call the taxi to bring my mom to the Emergency!! We spent 4 hours there and they discovered she had a bladder infection and not a gall bladder attack as I had suspected. Good thing I took her in.

We got home at midnight and the lights were still on…but three hours later as the rain continued to fall down and freeze it began to lightning!! Then it got really windy! And then the lights went out…and the rain stopped. It was eerily quiet and very dark everywhere.

We were lucky as I had been collecting kindling and wood over the last year for emergency and we used the fireplace to keep us warm. By late afternoon the house was starting to get cold and we were convinced we would be spending another night in the dark. We had a warm place to go but we decided to stick it out at home – and as we sat downstairs and began talking about all our loved ones who had passed away – the power came on!!!! I like to think all our loved ones had heard us and had pulled some strings for us *grin*

There is still a chance the power will go out again if the winds pick up – so I spent the day preparing more kindling for the fireplace. No writing done over the past few days as it’s just been too stressful to think. But I hope to start again in a day or two- if the power stays on.

I am especially grateful to the Hydro people for working around the clock to help get power to people. We had a couple of people die of carbon monoxide poisoning over in Newcastle. I pray everyone stays safe during these trying times.

That’s it for now. Merry Christmas to everyone!



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