Getting back to ice normal

I’m slowly getting back to normal after the ice storms. But I still get jumpy when the power goes off for a second and comes back on again. We’ve invested in a new camp stove and lantern (to be used outdoors due to carbon monoxide possibilities)…but if the power goes off again I also invested in more candles, matches, batteries for the flashlights and radio – I’ve got a huge box of kindling plus some firewood stacked by the fireplace and yes the cell phone is fully charged. LOL

As promised here are some pics from the ice storm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pic above and below are scenes right around the corner from my parent’s house. Tons of branches down and some wires too. They was taken a couple of days after the storm. For some reason I didn’t take many pics. I felt as if I was violating the people who were

out of power. It was a weird feeling that I had never experienced before.



During the power outage we hunkered in the basement by the friendliest fireplace. We sent out word that we had heat and everyone was welcome, but neighbors opted to stay in their own homes. We had a pot of hot water going all day for coffee and in anticipation of the storm mom had cooked up some homemade soap which really came in handy!





I’m thinking that if extreme weather becomes the new norm – Hydro should start putting all wires underground- big $$$ to do but it might save them big $$$ in the long run on manpower if their infrastructure went underground. Above is the wire from our house…we got off lucky compared to lots of people.


The top of our very tall and gorgeous pine tree is starting to lean. We pray it doesn’t fall on the house.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning after a pretty and fluffy all night snowfall…more weight on the already ice-laden trees…more power failures to come?

Mom seems to be doing better the past few days. Let’s hope the bladder infection diagnosis was the right one and no more problems.

And as always a post is not complete without mention of Chee Chee…who during the power failure was stubborn and remained upstairs in the cold – but finally ventured downstairs to sit near the fire. Chee Chee was not amused when her ears got cold. lol She has been hugging blankets ever since.



That’s it for now…going to grab a salad and sandwich and nurse my aching back – too much walking on ice to get firewood, too much snow shoveling and too much chopping firewood…and of course too much ice. LOLOL.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!





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