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Guess what I found…

A yellow jacket wasp in the house! It’s 20 below 0 celcius (-4F) and I have a wasp??? It was a BIG one…looked like the pic below…I hope it came in on the firewood I’ve been carrying in or maybe we have a wasp nest in the chimney and this is just the first one?? I had three of them a couple of months ago on the same basement window. Oiiiii


Worked on Sophie’s Menage this morning and will work on Inner Girl Rising for the rest of the day.  Both stories are coming along smoothly. *high five*

My usual early morning walks were put on hold lately due to ice being everywhere. So we’ve taken to the Walker’s Club at the Shopping Center. It’s nice to walk around the mall and window shop when you know you can’t buy anything because the stores are all closed…except the McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s coffee. Mom needed a good stretch for her legs and so we booted around the loop two times. The next time we will try for three loops around. Of course I did put out my back again this morning – slipped on the ice yesterday and did a bad twist and then getting out of the car this morning – another bad twist…lol…not sure why it keeps going out. Buy my hot bean bag is my back support on my computer chair. A trip to the chiropractor is in order in the New Year.

Heading back to writing. Have a good one!





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