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Is my alcohol allergy in Remission?


For as long as I can remember I haven’t been able to tolerate any alcoholic beverages…yeah, it’s been a total bummer.

I first became aware of this problem when I was 19 and I tried my first rum and cokes (3 of them)…and felt dizzy and generally lousy. Even my dad’s homemade dandelion wine and plum wines (even a tablespoon) made my legs rubbery and made me feel so weak I could barely stand. Over the years I tried little gulps of wine, beer, tequila, etc…a couple of times I got really sick…And  so I went thru most of my adult life without any booze…

Fast forward until about a year ago, last Christmas I tried a teensy weensy glass of red wine at my Mom’s insistance (she’s Italian and enjoys company when she drinks her Christmas wine). This time, to my surprise, nothing happened. No dizzies, no rubbery legs…nothing. I thought ohhhh this is nice but I didn’t push it. I didn’t want to chance any bad reactions and so I stayed away…

Fast forward again until this Christmas. I bought wine to give as Christmas presents and I gave Mom a couple of bottles. One red and one white.


She insisted I try some white wine…so I had a teensy weensy glass (and I mean teensy – see pic above)…the wine tasted gooooood and again I had no reaction. So I had another little glass…LOL and I have been having a little glass every day since then…(see above pic as evidence) LOL I am kind of excited as I ponder exploring a new world of beverages.

So I wonder… does this mean my sensitivity/allergy/or whatever it was has gone into remission? I sure do hope so because I look forward to trying out other kinds of wines – hopefully without turning myself into an alcoholic…red wine tastes excellent with cooked chicken and white wine tastes great with salami and cheese.

I’m pondering on what kind of wine I should try next. Any suggestions you may have are very welcome. *grin*

Okay, so I must dash outside as the snow is accumulating and I must see if I can keep up!

Have a good one!




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