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Good old fashioned winter!

Good morning!

It’s roughly around 5 in the morning and I’m up due to the house making cracking and popping sounds. It’s made these sounds for fifty years when it gets really cold out, so you think I’d get used to them by now. But nope! I always wake up and huddle beneath the blankets, my eyes peering into the darkness waiting for…the big collapse.



It’s a cold one out there. The polar vortex they are calling it. Good old fashioned winter is what I’m calling it. LOL. Long john season! But that’s okay, in a few days the January Thaw will be here and will chase this polar vortex right back up north where it belongs. *crossing my fingers* Enough of the cold already!!


Stay safe through this extreme weather, my friends. Stay safe and warm!

Here’s sending you warm hugs and cyber hot chocolate.

starbucks hot chocolate


Happy Reading!


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