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The Big Melt begins…

It seems the polar vortex has retreated!! *high five*

Yesterday was the last really chilly day and to celebrate the upcoming demise of the vortex I ventured outdoors and went for a wonderful walk around a frozen bay. Here are some pics I took:







Today is a whole different ball game. It’s hovering at the freezing mark and there are flood warnings due to incoming rain and ice on the ground. Oooooh it should be an interesting January Thaw. But just think soon we will be having Groundhog Day and then Spring will be just around the corner!!! Woooohooooo!



A strange thing happened the other day too while we sat in the living room watching tv. It was toward late afternoon and we suddenly heard this really loud “snap” right in the wall behind us. It sounded as if something that had been under serious tension had just cut loose. Another way of describing it was like two huge pieces of flat board being slapped together real hard. It was really weird!! Someone told me that it is because the extreme cold is loosening it’s grip on the house and the house is “settling”, and because it is starting to warm the house is actually expanding instead of the earlier contracting when it was getting cold.  As long as the house doesn’t settle on me, I’m good. LOLOL

On the writing front – “Inner Girl Rising” is at 21,000 words and still going! Woot!


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