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Digging Out!

snowy day peanuts

Wow! We are digging out from yet another snowstorm/blizzard. The cross winds last night were clocked at 100 km/hr in our area and boy oh boy did we discover that this old house is not as weatherproofed as we had hoped. We could feel air coming in through the electrical outlets on the side of the house the wind was hitting. Very interesting! LOL

I taped the outlets with electrical tape and placed a heavy duty blanket over the window to dampen the noise of the wind…it worked…room got toasty and we slept good!

Alas today my parent’s red brick house is a white snow house with three foot drifts here and there…there was a break in the weather and I got the driveway cleared and now it is snowing again. LOL

Ahhhhh winter…I want to win a lottery so I can buy a nice little trailer down in Florida and spend my winters there. Who wants to join me *grin*

dream trailer

Ohhhh dear, TWO snow plows just went by…off to get rid of the windrows!

HUGS and Hope you have a great day!!




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