OMG! Robins spotted!!

Just heard in the news that a couple of robins have been spotted in Mississauga, Ontario Canada! Just down the highway from us. OMG! Do they know something that we don’t??? Is Spring on the way or are the robins crazy?


We have more snow on the way – a storm on Saturday and another next week? Hmm, perhaps the robins are just teasing us? I hope not because I am winter weary *le sigh* Let’s all wait for Groundhog Day and see what the groundhogs have to say. I hope it is good news.

On the book front – I have 5,000 words for Sophie’s Ménage and 24,000 words for Inner Girl Rising…both stories are still going strong! With SM I had to delete a big portion as the story wanted to go another way so I had to go with it and that is why it hasn’t progressed as quickly as I had hoped. *smile* But the new version is hotter!!

My parent’s old house continues to grieve me…lol…the radiant heating in the room I am sleeping in has died…the fuses are working so I have to get a new thermostat…but in the meantime I purchased a lovely warm heater for the room. The radiant heater in the bathroom went awhile ago…talk about chilly showers! Brrr…Brrr…on a good note, Mom is thinking about getting one of those nice bathtubs with soothing water jets…oooolala! We will see. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now!

Hugs and Happy Reading!



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