New additions to the family!

Two cats rescued!!

My brother and his family have adopted two black rescue cats from the local shelter. Today they picked up “Jewel” and they dropped by my mom’s place so we could meet the new kitty. She is a very lovely looking cat. She was just spayed and they had her wearing a cone around her neck so she could not get at her stitches. But that didn’t stop her from exploring the house. She was stretching and prancing around and very happy to be out of a cage. Chee Chee (my cat) was quite irritated with the newbie and stayed in her room.


Above pic of cats from http://www.thecreativecat.net

Because the second cat was ill with a respiratory infection when they picked him, the shelter is treating him until he is better and then he will be neutered. His name is “Timmy” and they will be picking him up in a week or two. Originally my brother and family were only going to get one cat to replace their one black who had gone missing just after the ice storm in Dec 2013…but they decided to rescue two cats instead. They just left to go home and will be introducing Jewel to their black lab “Tracker”…it should be an interesting meeting between dog and cat. LOL

We are in the middle of yet another snowstorm today…and another one is coming Wednesday…it’s been one looooooooong tough winter and I will be very happy to see Spring.

Hugs and Have a Great Day!




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