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The Lost Cat returns…after 2 months!

BookerBooker the missing cat has returned!!! He was gone almost two months. Last night they heard a familiar scratching sound at the back door. When they went to investigate – the missing cat sat there waiting to come inside!!

Now my brother’s family has THREE black cats – the two newly adopted cats who were to replace Booker and now the original is back! LOL The other cats appear to love Booker, but Booker has been hissing and is irritated at his new brother and sister.  Their black lab is getting along pretty good with all the cats.

I suspect Booker may not leave his home anymore as he settles in to protect his territory – see above pic as he makes himself at home.

I have heard of cats disappearing for days, weeks, months even years on end…so this is a miracle because everyone thought he was gone for good. LOLOL

Absolutely amazing!! There really are miracles!

Hope you all have a great day!


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