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jim from sex with the ex

“What’s the matter? You can’t deal with a little bit of sex?” she teased.

He bristled visibly at her remark.

“That’s an odd comment coming from you, Sky.”


“Seems like you’re already into this sex game,” he continued. “The way you were practically sitting in Loverboy’s lap when you two drove up in the truck, I could see the sparks shooting out the windows. If there was a gas leak around here, we would have all been blown to kingdom come.”

“We were just getting acquainted. Like you were doing with that Loren woman’s tongue.”

He arched a dark eyebrow at her.

“You heard about that, did you? Any objections?”

“Why should I care? You’re a free agent again. Just like I am.”

Sizzling tension whipped through the air between them putting her senses on full alert.

“Do you still want to go through with this assignment? Even if it means you might lose your virginity before you leave this farmhouse.”

“Is that a promise?” she asked.

His eyes darkened and its intensity startled her.

“Is that an invitation?” he asked.

“What do you think?”

“Don’t toy with me, Sky. You may not like the results.”

“You don’t scare me, big guy.”

A shiver of excitement rippled through her when she read the intent in his eyes. The son of a bitch was going to kiss her. Before she could protest, not that she wanted to, his hands roughly cupped her face and he lowered his head toward hers. His warm mouth sealed over hers in a hard possessive way. A little too hard. A little too firm. A little too perfect.

No more mister nice guy. He was a man who knew what he wanted and the confident way he was kissing her, he wanted her.

She moaned softly, giving into the headiness of his mouth sliding over hers. Her arms slipped around his neck and her fingers feathered into his soft hair.

His kiss intensified, making her feel punch drunk. Need for him made her breath catch. Made her pulse quicken. She parted her lips allowing him access to her mouth. When he came in, the provocative heat of his tongue slammed against hers. She moaned shamelessly at the deep pleasure of their tongues touching.

His trembling hands unbuttoned her blouse while he kept his hot mouth expertly moving over hers, distracting her from wanting to stop him. She savored the sexy flavor of his full lips and she loved the coiled need unwrapping deep inside her pussy.

He tugged her blouse over her shoulders, allowing it to slip off. Cool air breathed over her bare breasts, making her nipples stab into the air. She arched as his hot hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs gently caressing her stiff nipples until they were aching with need. The intimate gesture set her pussy on fire and she wanted him to touch her down there. Like the first time he’d done it with his fingers.

In desperation, she slid her hands from his neck and splayed her palms against his warm chest. His muscles quivered beneath her fingertips as she traced a line downward, brushing her fingertips over the hard muscles of his flat stomach. After following the silky path of curly hair that led to the belt line of his tight pants, she struggled to unfasten the button and sighed into his hot mouth at the crisp sound as she lowered his zipper…

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2 responses

  1. mikey2ct

    I already have Sex With The Ex but the price is right!

    How are you and the parents? Did your mom’s surgery go as planned?

    May 18, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    • Hi!! Hope all is going good on your end. 🙂 My mom still has not had any surgery. They haven’t called and she is not searching them out either. lol. She says if she can avoid surgery then she will so she has adopted her low fat menu…but it appears that she continues to crave fats and she also continues to lose weight. She’s already a tiny lady so I don’t know what to do…but she says not to worry. Hard not to.

      Dad is doing okay in the nursing home. Of course he doesn’t want to be there but we cannot take care of him anymore…too hard for the two of us and not much help with the in-home care they gave us. Oh well. I am hanging in there and thanks for asking. 🙂

      Yes, I thought the price was pretty good on the Spice Box, eh. lol I got a copy on pre-order too! Can’t wait to read everybody’s stories!

      Have a great rest of the weekend!!

      May 18, 2014 at 9:03 pm

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