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Jan Springer & Jasmine Black’s ebooks have been translated into the following languages: English (all), Italian (some), Portuguese (some),  Spanish (some).

Jan Springer ~ Erotic Romance Author

English (in no particular order)

Contemporary Erotic Romance / Erotic Romantic Suspense Genres

Cowboys for Christmas

Cowboys In Her Pocket

Loving Her Cowboys

Jade’s Fantasy (Kidnap Fantasies 1)

Christmas Lovers (Kidnap Fantasies 2)

Zero to Sexy (Kidnap Fantasies 3)

Inner Girl Rising

Billionaire Boyfriend

Sinderella Sexy

Nice Girl Naughty

The Biker & The Bride

Naughty Girl Desires Boxed Set

Edible Delights

Shy Girl

Roman and Julietta


Risque Girl Delights Boxed Set

Menage (The Key Club 1)

Marley’s Menage (The Key Club 2)

A Merry Menage Christmas (The Key Club 3)

Sophie’s Menage (The Key Club 4)

Jewel’s Menage (The Key Club 5)

Jaxie’s Menage (The Key Club 6)

A Homecoming Menage Christmas (The Key Club 7)

A Holiday Menage

A Touch of Menage Boxed Set

The Key Club Boxed Set (1-4)

The Key Club Boxed Set (1-5)

Intimate Stranger (Intimate 1) previously Peppermint Creek Inn (Undercover 1)

As Big As The Sky / Intimate Kisses (Undercover 2)

Love Through A Stranger’s Eyes (Undercover 3)


Scifi – Futuristic / Post-Catastrophe/Dystopian Erotic Romance Genres

Jude Outlaw (Outlaw Lovers 1)

The Claiming (Outlaw Lovers 2)

Colter’s Revenge (Outlaw Lovers 3)

Tyler’s Woman (Outlaw Lovers 4)

Resistance (Outlaw Lovers 5)

The Outlaw Lovers (2 book bundle – includes Jude Outlaw & The Claiming)

A Hero’s Welcome (Pleasure Bound 1)

A Hero Escapes (Pleasure Bound 2)

A Hero Betrayed (Pleasure Bound 3)

A Hero’s Kiss (Pleasure Bound 4)

A Hero Wanted (Pleasure Bound 5)

Captive Heroes (Pleasure Bound 6)

Pleasure Bound Boxed Set (1-5)

Pleasure Bound Boxed Set (1-6) Complete Series

Perfect (Perfect 1)

Imperfect (Perfect 2)

Shades of Menage Boxed Set

A Hitman for Hannah

The Pleasure Girl (The Desperadoes 1)

In Her Bed (The Desperadoes 2)

Be My Dream Tonight (The Desperadoes 3)

The Fire Within (previously Sex with the Ex – USA Today Bestseller)


Paranormal Erotic Romance

Taken by Him (Tentacles Shifter 1)

Bared to Him (Tentacles Shifter 2)

Shifters by the Sea (2 book bundle – includes Taken by Him & Bared to Him)

Sweet Heat (Vampira 1)

Dark Heat (Vampira 2)

Wet Heat (Vampira 3)

Crimson Heat (Vampira 4)

Gay / Lesbian

Stripped Naked (previously Attracted to Him) (gay)

Attracted to Her (lesbian)


Italian / Italiano 

Tre Cowboy Per Natale

Tre Cowboy Tutti Per Lei

Innamorata Dei Suoi Cowboy

L’arrivo di Hero  (Un Amore a Distanza di Anni Luce #1)

La Fuga di Hero  (Un Amore a Distanza di Anni Luce #2)


Il ménage di Marley

Un ménage per Natale

Un Ménage di Natale per Rachel

Roman e Julietta

Portuguese / Português

Levada por ele

Ménage (Clube das Chaves)

Ménage de Marley (Clube das Chaves 2)

Um Ménage Natalino de Boas-Vindas

Sinderella Sexy

Spanish / Español

Pongámonos para el Doctor

Ella está de regreso

Buena Chica Mala

Jasmine Black ~ Erotica Menage


  1. Taken by Two Doctors
  2. Taken by Two Bikers
  3. Taken by Two Billionaires
  4. Taken by Two Bosses
  5. Taken by Two Cowboys
  6. Taken by Two Firefighters

Italian / Italiano 

Sedotta da due Boss (Sesso a Tre)

Portuguese / Português

Seduzida por Dois Médicos – Menage Médico

Seduzida por Dois Motoqueiros – Menage