Now Available! Whispers of Winter Boxed Set!

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Includes Nice Girl Naughty by Jan Springer

Français! Ménage Le Key Club 1 #janspringer #Français #tabou


Le Key Club 1

Translated by Agnes Ruiz

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Claire Miller, auteur de romans érotiques, est prise en sandwich entre ses éternelles échéances. Elle décide qu’il est temps de se détendre dans un ménage sensuel au Key Club. Lorsqu’elle est jumelée à deux mecs sexy, elle sait qu’ils vont réaliser ses vilains rêves.

Josh Anderson et Levis Jones, travailleurs de la construction, sont tout de suite attirés par la jolie femme du Key Club. C’est un rêve érotique que les deux hommes sont impatients de vivre. Leur désir pour Claire devient un plaisir auquel ils ne veulent pas échapper.

+ Le Ménage De Marley Le Key Club 2, Un Joyeux Ménage de Noël Le Key Club 3

tabou ménage à trois

bdsm short stories




Español! Delicias Apetecibles!

Delicias Apetecibles

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Hace años, Allie Masters se perdió en la abrazadora pasión de una relación entre tres con sus dos super sexy jefes. Para poder recuperar su independencia, ella se alejó de ellos.

Max y Nick se sentían plenos con su hermosa asistente. Hacer el amor era una experiencia increíble y los dos amigos compartían de buena gana a la mujer con la que querían pasar el resto de sus vidas. Y entonces, ella los dejó. Ahora Max y Nick han decidido seducir a Allie para que vuelva a sus vidas.

trio compartida por dos jefes romance contemporáneo con amorhistoria corta romance billonario romance fantasíaromance con dos hombres lencería comestible


Now Available! Moonlight Mist Boxset

Includes Taken by Him (Jan Springer) – A Paranormal Tentacles Shifter Romance

Moonlight Mist Boxed Set

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Somewhere underneath a moonlit night lies an underworld.
The creatures of this alternate plain lurk beyond the mist.
Craving for what they need.
Some may find it. Some might curb that hunger. But a few will not.
Without knowing what it is they need, they seek out something that will test their limits.

Something powerful… Something everlasting.

Including stories from:
Nicole Morgan
Carma Haley Shoemaker
Krista Ames
Stephanie Morris
Tmonique Stephens
Donna R. Mercer
Jan Springer
Carly O’Shea
Deelylah Mullin
Helen Scott
Erin Lee
Terri Bruce
Sharon Coady
Kat Parrish
Berlin Rhodes
Erin Richards
Rebecca Tran
Marie Mason

Now available in ONE boxset! FOUR VAMPIRA books! Paranormal Vampire Menage series

Vampira Boxed Set

Paranormal Vampire Menage Series

(includes Sweet Heat, Dark Heat, Wet Heat & Crimson Heat)

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Delve into the secret world of Vampira, a close-knit clique of female vampires who have escaped the tyranny of their clans. Vampira – a feminine faction who live undetected among the humans and where mating with males is strictly forbidden…but these Vampira females cannot hide from their destined mates.

Includes 4 sizzling ménage vampire erotic romances ~ Sweet Heat (#1) m/f/m, Dark Heat (#2) m/f/m, Wet Heat (#3) m/f/m, Crimson Heat (#4) m/f/m/m.

 Sweet Heat ~ Vampira 1

Running from an arranged marriage, Juliette Dárques’ hides within Vampira, a secret clique of female vampires who live among humans and have sworn off sex with males.

Julie thought she was safe until scorching dreams leave her craving every hot, pulsing inch of the two vamps newly hired at the factory she owns. Every night they set her fangs on fire, as they sandwich her between their strong, naked bodies, whisking her into a world of forbidden ecstasy.

Caleb and Zander have always shared a unique bond, which includes the need to share their females. Lately, they’ve been hungering for Julie…and they plan on seducing her out of her dreams and into their arms.


Dark Heat ~ Vampira 2

Warrior Queen Megan Bloodrayne was betrayed by her two mates. Fleeing them, she hides within Vampira, a secret coven of vampires who live undetected among the humans.

Recaptured, Megan learns she’s been framed for crimes she did not commit. Her mates, kings Christian and Zane, believe she may be a traitor and they’ll try anything to get the truth out of her.

Megan’s got a secret and she’ll do anything to keep it, including enduring scorching sessions of red-hot sensual torture


Wet Heat ~ Vampira 3

Tormented and abused.
As a Blood Slave, Mati Smith craved freedom. After escaping her owners and near death, she was nursed back to health by two sexy Italian male vamps. Realizing she’d fallen in love with them and had put their lives in peril, she disappeared into the human world, creating the powerful coven Vampira, where females on the run seek sanctuary and where mating with males is forbidden.

Dangerous cravings.
When Mati’s two lovers reconnect their mind link, she craves physical pleasure like never before. She seeks relief at Vamp’s Bordella, where, under the seductive hands of two pleasure males, she defies Vampira and finds searing satisfaction.

Mind seduction.
Giovanni and Paolo have lured Mati to the bordella in order to claim her. Will she disappear again when she realizes she’s been tricked? Or will she finally submit to the scorching desires the three share? If Gio and Paolo get their way, their long-lost love will be theirs forever…


Crimson Heat ~ Vampira 4

Vampire Lisbeth Crowe has done her best to put her past as Satin, the Queen’s favorite blood slave, behind her—even if it has meant leaving three delicious, devoted lovers behind.

Escaping Russia and the Crimson Clan and becoming an American entrepreneur has helped—as has joining the powerful, all-female Vampira coven, which prohibits its members from becoming involved with men. But when Lisbeth models in a charity fashion show as a favor to a friend, one of the Queen’s evil minions sees her—and begins scheming to return her to the wicked monarch.

Jaymes, Tristan and Luca have longed for their beloved Satin for decades—and after hearing of her whereabouts, rush to reach her before the Queen’s henchmen can. Racing against time, they track her to a desolate hideaway, resuming their long-denied love affair and are determined to fight to the death to protect their female.


Please note: These stories have also been individually published and previously published.

Now Available! The Dark Side in the Zombie Apocalypse Box Set! 0.99 cents!

Are you missing The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead? Can’t wait for them to return? Me neither! In the meantime, a group of authors have joined forces and assembled some zombie apocalypse stories into the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: A Collection of Monumental Catastrophe Box Set.

My contribution to the zombie relief cause is a brand new story: The Dark Side.

Here’s a peek!

Includes “The Dark Side” a mfm Zombie Apocalypse Menage Romance by Jan Springer *new*

ebook: Nook  | Kindle | KoboiBooks

Everyone thought it was just the flu…but everyone was wrong.

With the help of two sexy men and a stray black cat, saber-yielding Jenna McKenna fights flesh-eating walkers during a desperate search for family members she hopes are still alive in the newly formed zombie apocalypse.

Good friends Tucker Brant and Ash Fleming have lost all their loved ones to the zombie-virus. The two men have tried to harden their emotions toward the saber-carrying woman who is intent on finding her family, but her strength and courage nurture a sizzling attraction the two men can’t ignore. If they can live through the trek to the border and beyond, there just might be a future with Jenna.

Until then, they’ll enjoy her company as she warms their beds…

Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/zombie-apocalypse-eb-black/1128729218?ean=2940162148975

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D5J8VH3/

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/zombie-apocalypse-a-collection-of-monumental-catastrophe

iBooks: http://smarturl.it/zombieonitunes

Authors include:

E.B. Black, Jessica de Barra, Erin Lee, Jan Springer, Kat Parrish, Cate Farren, Jocelyn Dex, Krystell Lake, Dahlia DeWinters, Liz Hahn, Deelylah Mullin, & Krista Ames.

Let me know what you think about the Dark Side. Should I turn this into a series? It sure was fun writing The Dark Side! Please leave a review if you can. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy the stories!

Happy Reading!




Released! The Billionaire’s Club Boxed Set @ 99 cents!

• • • • • NEW RELEASE • • • • •
• • • • • Only .99 Cents • • • • •



A Limited Edition Collection of Billionaire Romances complete with bad boys and irresistible charmers…

High stakes, risk takers, and power-wielding billionaires. This set will take you on a ride of romance, seduction, and games of wealth and fortune. Find out what happens when these powerful men meet their match.

➡AMAZON:  https://www.amazon.com/Billionaires-Club-Collection-Billionaire-Romances-ebook/dp/B07B8F62HY

➡KOBO Canada:  https://www.kobo.com/CA/en/ebook/the-billionaire-s-club-2

➡KOBO US: https://www.kobo.com/US/en/ebook/the-billionaire-s-club-2

➡iBOOKS:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1387614357

➡NOOK:  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-billionaires-club-nicole-morgan/1128178310?ean=2940155394693

📚 Stories included in the set are:

🥃 Dex: The Spencer Family Saga 1 by Nicole Morgan
When you’re a Spencer, sometimes the price can be higher than you’re willing to pay.

💳 Playing with His Heart by Krista Ames
Will playing with his heart end up breaking hers?

💸 The Billionaire Boyfriend by Jan Springer
Lily finds pleasure in the arms of two sexy billionaires.

Stealing the Billionaire’s Heart by Robin Michaela
A jilted bride’s best revenge is finding a better man.

🛩 Desire & Dessert: A B&B Billionaire Romance by Madison Michael
It Should Have Been a Perfect Fit…

💎 Ice by Lita Lawson
Diamonds. Billionaires. Who knew working undercover would be so sexy.

💰The Billion Heir by Nikky Kaye
Welcome to the first meeting of the Billionaire Book Club—because even the wealthy need help to read between the lines.

🍷 LUKE: A Forbidden Lust novella by Diana Bocco
Losing it all might just be worth it.

❄ Snowbound Siren by Kris Jayne
A seduction. A secret. A steamy, snowbound adventure.



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