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A Hero’s Welcome

Book 1 Pleasure Bound Series

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Being injured and held captive isn’t what astronaut Joe Hero had in mind when he agreed to explore a newly discovered planet for NASA. But a man would have to be dead not to fall for the sweet and sexy female doctor in charge of his care.

One night of scorching passion in the arms of the stranger from another planet is enough to convince Annie that there’s much more to males than she’s been taught.

Who is this sexy hunk and why does she feel like welcoming him into her bed every chance she gets?

(previously published under the Heroes at Heart series with Ellora’s Cave)

Spunky Girl Publishing *reissue*



A Hero Escapes

Book 2 Pleasure Bound series

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Queen Jacey has always fantasized about bedding a male. But taking one for her enjoyment is strictly forbidden. That is, until an attractive well-hung stranger from another planet encourages her to overcome her training and her beliefs.

Being held captive and forced to mate with a gorgeous Queen isn’t exactly what astronaut Ben Hero expected when he agreed to explore a newly discovered planet for NASA.

Escaping should be his top priority but making sizzling love to Jacey is all he can think about. When he discovers she’s also being held against her will, Ben’s protective instincts kick in big time. Suddenly they’re on the run, irresistibly aroused, and wrapped in each other’s arms every chance they get!

(previously published under the Heroes at Heart series with Ellora’s Cave)

Spunky Girl Publishing

Futuristic Erotic Romance m/f



A Hero Betrayed

Book 3 Pleasure Bound Series

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Astronaut Buck Hero didn’t count on being held captive or becoming infected with passion poison when he agreed to explore a newly discovered planet for NASA. If he doesn’t get the cure soon he’s going to be one very dead man.

Fugitive on-the-run Virgin has just rescued an infected male and needs to administer the naughty cure – a twenty-four-hour making love marathon. Then she’ll turn him over to his enemies in order to gain her freedom. But her well-laid plans go into orbit when she discovers she’s fallen in love with the sexy stranger from another world.

(Previously published under the Heroes at Heart series with Ellora’s Cave)

Spunky Girl Publishing

Futuristic Erotic Romance m/f


A HERO’S KISS – Book 4 in Pleasure Bound Series

On a mission in search of their missing brothers, US Astronaut Piper Hero and her two sisters become separated after crash-landing on a newly discovered planet.

Being injured and infected by sensuous swamp water isn’t what Piper Hero signed up for when she agreed to search for her three missing brothers. But when she’s rescued by a dangerous man who makes her so hot for sex that she can’t even think straight, Piper is glad that she came.

Jarod Ellis has sworn off women. But he’s captivated by Piper Hero, a woman who claims to be related to the Earthmen he has vowed to protect with his life. Although he mistrusts her, she sets free a carnal inferno of needs he’s never experienced during his previous life as a pleasure slave.

Despite her intimate fantasies coming true, Piper knows she needs to continue her mission of reuniting her siblings and she’ll do it-with or without the help of her well-hung stud.

Merry Menage Kisses by Jan Springer

A Christmas Adult Romance Menage Boxed Set


Wrap yourself in four sexy holiday themed adult romance menages.

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A Homecoming Menage Christmas

A Merry Menage Christmas

Cowboys for Christmas

Christmas Lovers

Merry Menage Kisses Book Trailer on You Tube Enjoy!


The Fire Within

TheFireWithin Amazon

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After being dumped by her fiancé, Sky undertakes a daring mission into the dark sensual world of pleasure slave training.
When Detective Jim O’Brien discovers his ex-fiancé has volunteered for a dangerous job, he’s enraged. She’s too inexperienced for such a risky assignment and he has no choice but to follow her. However, Sky is not a damsel-in-distress and she’s going to prove it to Jim in carnal ways he’s only dreamed about…

Please note: The Fire Within is a futuristic erotic romance with some voyeurism and suspense.

It was previously published under a different title (Sex With the Ex) and a different cover.

Jewel’s Ménage

The Key Club 5

m/f/m contemporary erotic romance

Jewel's Menage E-Book Cover

 She thought she would never trust a man again

Until one rainy night two hunky truckers come to Jewel’s rescue, igniting delicious desires for a red-hot ménage. When she can no longer deny her cravings, she knows it’s time to return to the heat and passion she once knew at The Key Club.

Bring Your Own Toys Ménage Night is coming to The Key Club and truckers Adam and Carson are going to romance Jewel with an erotic evening filled with sultry pleasure toys, silky bondage ribbons and plenty of red-hot love.

Sophie’s Ménage

 The Key Club Book 4

m/f/m contemporary erotic romance

Sophie's Menage WEBSITE USE


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It’s Spank-Me Ménage Night at the Key Club and Sophie is finally taking the plunge back into the scene. She didn’t count on her two hunky ex-flames to take such a renewed interest in her. She’s determined not to submit to her naughty desires where they are concerned, especially after the way they’d left her…But a little bit of harmless teasing will show them what they could have had.

Oil rig workers Steve and Eric are back in town and they can’t wait to bend the sweet, timid hairstylist over their knees to give her the sensual spankings she craves. The surprise is on them when they catch her wearing a sexy spank dress for other men during an auction. Who knew their shy little firecracker could be such a sultry tease? Or that she wasn’t going to be led so easily back to their bed…

Sequel to “Menage”, “Marley’s Menage” & “A Merry Menage Christmas”



Amazon Kindle Best Seller (Holiday Romance)

A-Merry-Menage-ChristmasMidRes (2)

Best Seller Holiday Romance at Amazon Kindle for 3 months!

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Dr. Kelsie Madison can’t remember the last time she’s had no-strings sex and that’s her clue she’s been working way too hard. It’s time to unwind at the Key Club by indulging in a yummy Christmas present for herself. Something she’s never experienced before – a red-hot ménage.

ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist, Dixon Flynn love sharing their women. They’ve had their eye on cute Dr. Kelsie Madison for quite some time, but she’s a workaholic and she never has time to play. When they learn she’ll be at the Santa Claus Ménage Night festivities, they’ll make sure they’re the ones kissing Kelsie under the mistletoe  and if they get their wish, Kelsie will be taking them home for Christmas.


MarleysMenage2500x1563 (2)


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Single, soon-to-be mom Marley Madison has had some wicked cravings in her day. She wanted a baby without a man involved and thanks to artificial insemination, she’s thrilled to be pregnant. But her latest cravings are downright…naughty. She wants a ménage and she needs it bad. When she gets word her local swinger’s club is having a ménage night specifically for pregnant women, count her in!

Marley’s ex-flames Rick Antonia and Kacey Poole have just gotten back to town after serving years in the Canadian Special Ops overseas. When the two men spot Marley at the Key Club, they can’t believe how much she’s changed. Her sweetly rounded belly arouses them to no end and her curvy breasts intrigue them. They want her back in their bed and they’re going to make sure her dream of a scorching ménage comes true!

Suddenly she’s pleasure bound and shocked that her two ex-lovers are as passionate as ever. She’s never been so aroused by their caring touches and tender kisses…but Marley was in love with them years ago and she’s vowed not to let that complication happen again…



menage-amazonMenage (Book 1 The Key Club)
Jan Springer
Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing
Line: Contemporary erotic romance/Menage a trois, Multiple Partners
Book Length: Short
Book Type: eBook
ISBN: 978-130-194-314-2 (ebook)

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Print: Coming 2017 in the Menage a Trois 2 book bundle (includes Menage and Marley’s Menage)

Erotic romance author Claire Miller enjoys an occasional unwind at The Key Club. When she picks the ménage key during Ménage Night, Claire is paired with a couple of hot sex-on-a-stick hunks who’ll make her naughtiest dreams come true.

Instant attraction make construction workers Josh Anderson and Levis Jones take notice of the pretty woman at the Key Club. She’s a hot dream the two men can’t wait to experience, and their desire for Claire becomes a pleasure they don’t want to escape.

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