Laura Kristina

Laura Kristina

(Lesbian / Gay Attraction Erotica)

Also available in German | Italian | Spanish (link coming soon)

Perfect Girl (f/f)

Jan Springer writing as Laura Kristina

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Relationship-shy Madilyn has kept her intense attraction to Aniston hidden behind her cool exterior. After a disastrous breakup with her first–and only–girlfriend, Madilyn is not interested in risking her heart again, even if she secretly feels Aniston is the perfect girl.

Millionaire adult-toy creator Aniston is on a mission. She’s going to crack the icy exterior of Madilyn’s heart, because she believes Madilyn is the perfect girl for her. Her tempting strategy includes her secluded cabin in the Colorado Rockies, a bit of bondage, toys and lots of erotic pleasure.

When Madilyn discovers Aniston skinny-dipping in her luxurious swimming pool, Madilyn is faced with a decision–to jump into a relationship all the way or leave without knowing if the sizzling chemistry between them could lead to something much more.

Please note: “Perfect Girl” was previously published as “Attracted to Her” under the pseudonym Jan Springer at another publisher. Jan Springer writes Lesbian / Gay Attraction Erotica under the pseudonym Laura Kristina.

Next Laura Kristina story – Cottage Girl – details coming.