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November 2017

Nov-17-2017 Went deep into the writing world and the car office to work on Always Her Cowboys!! One more hot scene to write and then it goes into the editing mode! My goodness! I wish all my stories would write themselves like this one. I am a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to concentrate more on the naughty stuff…HOWEVER there is only so much one/ m/f/m/m can do with a baby on the way!! But I am quite happy with the arrival of JJ and Brady’s new baby…won’t give away if s/he was a girl or a boy! LOL Ohhhh I wish I was JJ with her three very nice and handy cowboys and her sweet little baby living way out in the wilderness on a cattle ranch…so lovely!!

Nov-12-2017  Up to 17,000 words for Always Her Cowboys which will center around Christmas and the upcoming baby…thanks to the car office and freeing up my mornings to write, I’m getting a good handle on the story. The car office really works! I even went out and bought some heavy duty long johns and a lovely warm “down” jacket.

Yipee! All the Cowboys Online books are back on Amazon. Yeah!! Wow, that was quite the past two+ weeks, lots of work and lots of lost sales and lots of not happy readers. 😦 Let’s hope this is the last of the chaos eh?

The Portuguese version of Jade’s Fantasy is on the way to be published. Yipee! Next to tackle is A Hero’s Welcome (Portuguese version) which I just noticed is sitting and waiting to be looked at. Billionaire Boyfriend audiobook is currently in edits and Jan Springer website updates are being done today. Jasmine Black’s were done yesterday.

Ok off to do some more work!


Sent the Boxed Set Coordinator at Romance Collections the signed contracts etc. Went to the pelvic physiotherapist today to get back to those exercises that I had stopped after surgery. So we start at the beginning again which is fine by me as I don’t want anything to drop that bladder again. Grrr! No work on Always Her Cowboys today due to the weird cold weather that hit (story is being written in car office)…but will be on it again starting tomorrow. Gotta get her finished by end of this month! Self-imposed deadline!!

The Big A (Amazon) continues to play their games. Never heard back from them regarding my statements of me being copyright owner/creator/have all rights for the Cowboys series…so two of the four books are hanging in cyber land…no access on Amazon for readers (Loving Her Cowboys/Cowboys In Her Heart). I have left Cowboys for Christmas on Pronoun for now as I am pretty sure the Big A will target that story too when I move it back to KDP. Cowboys in Her Pocket was able to get through as they made a fiasco upon my leaving for Pronoun and I guess they remembered? LOL On a good note the stories I sent to D2D to bypass Amazon’s craziness are up without a problem. (The last three of the Outlaw Lovers) So yeah, conspiracy theories are abound on this end…never try to hit the Top 100 when you are at Pronoun as the Big A pulls out all the stops to get rid of you…my humble opinion. Will see if the same thing happens with The Outlaw Lovers 2 book bundle which is stuck over at Pronoun due to too many advertisements scheduled…when we bring it back…or maybe D2D…will see.

Nov-9-2017 Soooo the Amazon crazy sh$t continues. Due to the closing of Pronoun I had to return to KDP Amazon…and what is the thanks I get for going back? Two of the Cowboys books once again targeted for copyright and republishing…uhuh…you would think they would get their act together. LOL. Anyways I sent back letters explaining I am the only copyright holder/creator etc…hopefully they will get it right and I won’t have to ask RWA for another favor. And there is good news!!! I have been accepted into THREE more boxed sets next year! The books will be the older ones – Winter Boxed Set will have Nice Girl Naughty, the Paranormal Boxed Set I’ve decided on Taken by Him (tentacle shifter) and the Billionaire one I have Billionaire Boyfriend! So I am off to sign contracts and then taking some much needed downtime. Up to 14,000 words on Always Her Cowboys. Poor JJ…that’s all I will say!

Nov-6-2017 Well, I couldn’t have written this story better myself. I had finally found the perfect platform to distribute to Amazon…(especially after the craziness that has gone on lately there)…so I started migrating my books to Pronoun. And just got the word that Pronoun is CLOSING. Yep, that is my life story…and everyone who knows me will swear that I live under a bad luck cloud. One door opens and before I can get inside…the door slams shut right in my face. I am not surprised because it was too good to be true. An absolute dream for indie authors. I actually made a decent living on pronoun (for a month)…alas dreams do come to an end. Can’t dwell on it as this is the life of publishing. So off again to migrate the books back to Amazon.

Nov-3-2017 Five months ago today, my dad passed away. It seems like forever ago. Got some good writing in this morning for Always Her Cowboys (9,000 words). Afternoon was spent setting up advertising for The Outlaw Lovers 2 book bundle. (Writer Tip) Have a Bookbub ad coming later this month and from previous experience if you run ads around it, it helps to keep the book higher in the ranking for a longer period of time.

I am noticing that a boxed set ebook I unpublished from Amazon three days ago…is still on Amazon…hmmm interesting.

Nov-2-2017 Really hunkering down now on Always Her Cowboys. Must. Get. Story. Done! But as always with my sexy stubborn cowboys they like to tell their story at their own pace and their own length. Grrrrr! lol Taken by Two Personal Trainers (Jasmine Black) is now available in audiobook! Very cool!

Amazon reinstated Cowboys in Her Pocket last night…I unpublished it this morning and began the migration over to Pronoun. Not going to give them another chance for false accusations. They should be targeting the one who supposedly published my story illegally not going after me. No apologies and no explanations from them aside from they are looking into what happened. I was told they don’t know what happened…Had I not had Romance Writers of America at my back…I think I would have been screwed over big time by Amazon. But RWA began an investigation and that is how I got my book back.

On a happier note, I am very relieved I have my book back under my control and had the first good night sleep in over a week because of this Amazon fiasco.

Nov-1-2017 Amazon Update: Received an email from RWA…they’ve been in contact with Amazon. Amazon has assured RWA that they are aware with the problems concerning my book and that the situation will be resolved soon. Unfortunately my trust with Amazon is broken. I will continue to move my books over to Pronoun. If I don’t I will be cringing every time I go into the dashboard wondering what book of mine they are targeting next…too scary!!!

Earlier: Amazon continues to behave badly regarding the copyright accusation of Cowboys In Her Pocket. They are insisting it has been previously published…I am insisting I have created, have always held and continue to hold all the publishing rights to my creation. I have NEVER given the rights to anyone to publish this story and when I ask who has previously published it…I get silence…Hello? LOL…KDP customer service is piss poor at it’s best. They don’t seem to have a phone number for the copyright people…very strange indeed. I follow the KDP guy’s instructions on registering my copyright…and Amazon still does not honor the copyright. Sounds very sinister…I have contacted Romance Writer’s of America, Writer’s Union of Canada, and even a contact person at Amazon to help me deal with this BS…but no one seems interested in doing their job. It is quite frustrating and I fear many more indie authors will get railroaded and possibly careers ruined from false Amazon accusations. I am trying my best though to stay strong…in the meantime I continue to move all my books out of Amazon and onto the friendlier Pronoun platform…pay is much better and the category selection is a dream. Oh the woes of indie-pubbing…at least you can rely on monthly paychecks from the big guys!

Zero to Sexy is now available in audiobook format! Yeah!!! Still have to catch up with the website links…ordered a boxed set from the cover artist for Jasmine Black’s stories so my producer can put them into audiobook format. Very excited about that project!! Started back to Always Her Cowboys…getting some writing done in the mornings and I leave the house and work out of the car in order to stay away from the Internet…which calls to me to search for covers, do formatting, etc…so distracting!!

October 2017

10-26-2017 (later) Listening to A Hero’s Welcome audiobook. Love it! Worked all day on my dad’s estate stuff. Sent Amazon the registered copyright link…still no response. Hmmm. I wonder if Kindle Unlimited authors get targeted too…

10-26-2017 GST finished. The nephew is recuperating and I’ve gone into yet another fiasco where writing/work is concerned. Discovered that the second book in my Cowboys Online series was missing from Amazon. Checked my email for possible emails from KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and nothing. No warnings about any issues…nothing. So I sent an email…no reply…another email…finally got a reply saying something about the book being published previously and they need copyright assurance…I’m like ummm noooo…this book has never been previously published…so I send another email to them with my statement etc…no reply…so a call to them and I get some support person who tells me I need to get the story registered…as in copyrighted…as in $50. to the government to copyright register…okay so it appears it is no longer free to publish on Amazon…so I do that and send the receipt…no answer…finally I get an answer stating that I did not give them proper documents?

A statement that I am the rightful owner/creator of my books apparently is not good enough for Amazon any more. It appears I cannot trust them either concerning a stable environment where my books are concerned as if they are going to start pulling books without so much as a notice…makes advertising books on Amazon difficult. I cannot help but ponder if it has something to do with this particular series being so popular and maybe Amazon has decided this is one way to start getting rid of the competition to favor their Kindle Unlimited authors? Hmmm…paranoid, am I? Anyways I have written to the RWA and the Writer’s Union of Canada, of which I am a member with both, to let them know of my experience…just in case this is going to start to be a trend…authors will need to be warned. I hope it is just an isolated incident…I really do hope so cause I do remember Mark Coker over at Smashwords mentioning on his blog once that there are/may be forces (no etailers were ever mentioned) conspiring against the indie authors…

10-14-2017 Been a bad couple of days. The youngest nephew in a great deal of pain in hospital after the surgery. Been in constant touch with his mother and she’s at her wit’s end in not liking seeing her son in pain. Then the GST stuff still taking up lots of my time. Those who dreamt up this cursed tax burden for small business owners were definitely not small business savvy or oriented. Bad people! Totally have put me behind on my writing. Grrrr!!

10-13-2017 Yippee not! GST is not done. Had a conversation with a finance person at Kobo yesterday morning and yes they do charge GST on my books (GST is Canada tax) but Kobo includes it wrapped in with my royalties…so I need to pay that to the Revenue guys…why this sort of stuff is not well know for us (at least not for me) is weird…I thought I had read everything with the etailers contracts…however I must have missed all of it??? lol Anyways no writing the past few days as been very busy with the nephew in hospital, running up to let their dog out, feed the cats etc…diving back into the GST thing and recalculations…fun wow! Running your own business sure does have it’s disadvantages (major bookkeeping for the government – grrrr)…Well, I am quickly becoming an expert with Excel spreadsheets (Thank you YOU TUBE tutorials!!!)…I figure why pay an accountant to enter all the figures with all the information I have to gather…may as well do it myself, right? *wink*

10-09-2017 Yipeee! GST stuff is Done! Such a relief! Back to work again. Talina over at Bookin’ It Designs was kind enough to edit my Cowboys Online covers to add the words “Moose Ranch” so readers can get a better idea of how some books will be dedicated to certain characters. ie) Moose Ranch subtitle will let us know all the Moose Ranch stories will center around JJ and her cowboys on Moose Ranch. Then as I expand the series I’ll be using other ranch titles. 🙂 When I get some time, I will upload the new cover. Ok now I am off to listen to the first 15 minutes of Zero to Sexy audiobook that my lovely narrator has just submitted for me to listen to. A Holiday Menage audiobook is off to Audible for review, so it should be out in a couple of weeks if everything goes well. 🙂 I hope to get back to my next JJ story this week!

10-07-2017 Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!! Working on GST this last week…lots to go through. Unfortunately no writing done. However listening to A Holiday Menage this weekend. Love it so far! Lacy Laurel does such a lovely job with narration. Outlaw Lovers Boxed Set released on Oct 1. Cowboys for Christmas hit #5 overall on the US Kindle Bestsellers Free List. So thrilled that readers are enjoying this series. Will dive back into writing after the GST is done…website updates and ordered a couple of covers from Talina over at Bookin’ It Designs. Always love her wonderful creations.

Had a checkup with the surgeon and she says I have to be patient for things to heal…according to her everything looks good…but I don’t know…we will see. Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s tomorrow and we are all sitting on pins and needles this week for my youngest nephew who will be undergoing a serious operation…prayers welcome!

Translation stories are coming along. Cowboys In Her Heart will be coming out in Italian. The translator just signed the contract this morning. Squeeeing! Italian readers are enjoying the Cowboys. 🙂 Jade’s Fantasy (Kidnap Fantasies #1) has also been tapped by a Portuguese translator. More translated books are in the works!!

As an indie writer, there is always something to do. Back to it. Have a nice day.

September 2017

09-30-2017 A little more time off due to surgery complications…and a little more work on Always Her Cowboys.

Oh! And the Canada Revenue Agency (Canada’s tax man) has hunted me down! CANADIAN AUTHORS! ARM YOURSELVES with as much tax info as you can when you go into this book business because I was blindsided to learn that we Canadian authors (those who make over $30,000 and up on world wide sales) are responsible for remitting GST on the ebooks, audiobooks, print books, that are sold by the etailers such as Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Babelcube, Audible, and some others TO CANADIAN READERS (only). Most of the etailers ARE NOT collecting GST or remitting on your behalf so you will be on the hook according to my conversations with Legal CRA. And since the etailers appear to not be giving which provinces books were sold…we don’t know if it is 5% or 13% or ? charged…so Legal CRA says I have to assume the higher tax and remit…which to me is highly unfair to us!!

I sent letters to all the above etailers (still waiting to hear from Amazon) and the etailer responses are they are NOT COLLECTING the GST/HST for Canadian authors and are NOT REMITTING FOR US…conversations with the Legal Dept at CRA states the onus is on us Canadian authors to register for the GST and to submit on our Canadian sales. Unfortunately I was uneducated in this matter – never knew such a 30 grand rule existed!  Therefore it is best to get an accountant or do your research, because if you are a book writer like me and don’t care much for the business side then you could be blindsided too. The upside to getting a GST registration number is you can also ask for a refund on all the GST you had to pay for anything related to your business!

Discovered the below about Kobo is untrue. Unless you tell them otherwise with a business number, Kobo (as all the etailers) roll GST right into the royalties and you have to figure out thru the spreadsheets they supply with your royalty payments how much to submit for the GST/HST (remember this is only for Canada and Canadian authors).

Kobo appears to be the only one that is charging and remitting the GST on author’s behalf because Kobo is located in Canada. I did get a reply from Kobo stating they are remitting for me. Fortunately for me my Canadian sales were small in the past for other etailers, so the tax bite might not be bad. However, it sure would have been nice to know about this thirty grand rule so I could sign up without the tax man breathing down my neck! 😛

09-22-1017 More website updates, Portuguese catalog updated plus to upload to translated books, uploading Italian catalog to back of Italian ebooks, ordered covers received, Portuguese ebook “A Hero’s Kiss” uploaded to Babelcube. Taken by Two Physical Trainers uploaded to more etailers. A bit of plot work on JJ’s next story, Always Her Cowboys. Very excited about this one as JJ’s close to having a baby and it’s gonna be Christmas time! Lots of snow, searching for the perfect Christmas tree, gonna take our girl and her cowboys to the new neighbor’s Christmas party where we can get a bit more info on Brady’s brother, Mitch and his two partners over at their ranch. And there’s going to be a new character – a bush country midwife so JJ can stay on the ranch to have her baby…anxiety abounds!! I am aiming for a  pre-Christmas release so must start to crack the whip on myself!!!

09-20-2017 Website updates. Audiobook Promo for audiobook reviewers sent. Cover ordered for Portuguese translation of A Hero’s Kiss. Tons of estate work for my dad. No writing yet…but the ideas are starting to swirl.

09-18-2017 – The last two days went over the final ms for Alpha Outlaws Boxed Set to catch any booboos…which I found. Ugh! Got the final Alpha Outlaws Boxed Set uploaded today to all the etailers. Attacked Babelcube looking for an Italian translator for Jasmine Black books and I may have found one. 🙂 Uploaded Taken by Two Firefighters to Babelcube for translation consideration. Sophie’s Menage audiobook is available, now must follow that trail to let everyone know. 🙂 Uploaded the next Cowboys Online cover -Always Her Cowboys – JJ’s story continues in Coming Soon…website updates next! Plus more! BTW that homemade whisper booth I wanted to make? I tried but it didn’t work out…I may have to invest in a “real” one. 🙂

09-17-2017 Mercy! I am so behind!!! Surgery day came and went on Sept. 11. I was a nervous wreck up until then and I cannot even remember the week leading up to it…anyhows I had the surgery and figured I could hop right back to writing. Not so happening. It through me for a loop. I think the anesthesia screwed with my muse. lol. However the last two days I am slowly getting back to it. Much to catch up on so let’s get started!

August 2017

08-29-2017 Pre-Op appt for surgery today. Ugh. Website updates. More work on Physical Trainers. Sending out promo codes re: Taken by Two Firefighters. Christmas Lovers audiobook available today.

08-28-2017 Approved Sophie’s Menage audiobook today. The narrator has such a lovely voice and really brings the book to life. Back to work on Taken by Two Physical Trainers. Uploading back catalogs to the Cowboys stories.

Another massage today as the back/gluteus minimus muscles went out on both sides last week due to some ladder work at the writer’s retreat. Purchased a bunch of Styrofoam to build a whisper booth beneath the loft stairs at the writer’s retreat.  Still have to figure out ventilation…

08-25-2017 Updating Website and uploading to rest of etailers. Accepted into the Spring Fling Boxed Set. Will be placing Inner Girl Rising for the set Spring 2018.

08-24-2017 Uploaded Cowboys in Her Heart to etailers.

08-16-2017 / 08-23-2017  Put all time into finishing/editing Cowboys in Her Heart.

08-15-2017 Working on the Italian catalog today. Going to upload to all the Italian translated books. Update the Italian section of my website. If time, will do the Spanish too. When all that is done, back to Cowboys in Her Heart.

Physiotherapy appt today. Woot! Oh and discovered my high school is in the process of getting demolished and the area will be replanted with a bunch of townhouses…*shaking my head* Would have been better as a green area. It is a weird feeling watching your school get destroyed.


My birthday!! Woot! Re-uploaded all Portuguese books with new catalog in back matter. Treated myself to a wonderful massage today plus a couple of donuts!! No work on CIHH today.

08-13-2017 – Uploading Captive Heroes (Portuguese) and A Homecoming Menage Christmas (Spanish) today. Hope to get the catalogs into and up on all the other translated books too…taking a break from CIHH today. Received a decent royalty check from Babelcube for royalties. Received a letter from Ethen Ellenberg today reversing/returning print rights on some of the Simon&Schuster/Ellora’s Cave anthology print books…still waiting for two more.

Just noticed that Taken by Him (Portuguese) has no been accepted by all outlets after changing the blurb. Yipee!

08-12-2017 – Worked on CIHH all day. Fleshing out the last few love scenes. Very HARD work!! Really love this story and the new characters I have introduced for future stories. Cannot wait to write everyone’s stories!!!

08-11-2017 Worked on Cowboys in her Heart all day. Received covers for two translated titles. Will upload this weekend. Listened to the rest of Taken by Two Firefighters and approved!

08-10-2017 Spent the past few days working on the final draft of Cowboys in Her Heart. Have decided the story needs more scenes. So gonna write more scenes. 😉  Ordered two more covers today – one for Portuguese version of Captive Heroes and spanish version of A Homecoming Menage Christmas. Listened to some of the Taken by Two Firefighters audiobook. Sounds yummy! Printing out Billionaire Boyfriend book for audiobook producer today.

08-01-2017 Not a very productive day today. Did a bit of work on Cowboys in her Heart. Received covers from Bookin’ It Designs that I ordered. Uploaded A Hero Wanted in Italian to Babelcube. Uploaded pic to ACX re: Christmas Lovers.  Crossing fingers I won’t encounter any problems with Babelcube. Still awaiting results from upload of Taken by Him Portuguese translation…Royalties rec’d from Pronoun where I have a few books.

July 2017

07-31-2017 Working on Cowboys in Her Heart the last couple of days…still lots to polish. Trouble with the translation continues. Babelcube saying they cannot help…hmmm…not impressed.

Ordered a couple of covers from Bookin’ It Designs. A Hero Wanted in Italian translation cover and Christmas Lovers audiobook cover. Should come later this week.

07-29-2017 Busy day today. Made a backlist for the website. Worked on Cowboys in her Heart. Listened to audiobook first 15 min for Christmas Lovers. Very nice.

07-28-17 Cowboys Online Series Bible comes in very handy. Lesson learned. More work done on Pleasure Burn and Cowboys in her Heart. Another email to Babelcube re: translation problem. Listened to auditions for audiobooks and made offers. Website updates. Many covers to order…

07-27-17 Finishing work on the Cowboys Online bible. Plenty of characters for a nice long series. Still awaiting feedback from Babelcube re: Portuguese translation of Taken by Him. Translator is doing the second book in the series and we are changing the title to avoid problems. Changed some categories for some boxed sets at Kobo and beginning to change some ebooks from Smashwords to Pronoun. Pronoun is offering a better royalty rate and has a better (in my opinion) placement of categories. Going to be a big job. Working on Pleasure Burn this afternoon.

Placed a couple of Christmas ebooks onto ACX for possible audiobook production. Thinking on putting Edible Delights, Toygasm and Shy Girl into separate ebooks for possible audiobook and foreign translation…

07-25-17 Morning and afternoon putting together a Cowboys Online bible…there are getting way too many characters and getting their descriptions, backgrounds etc…this will help in finishing Cowboys In Her Heart. Will go through all three books and look for pertinent details to help with future stories before continuing work on CIHH.

07-24-17 More emails out for free promo audiobooks re: Audiobook Boom. Babelcube issues followup with Taken by Him (Portuguese) rejected by some e-tailers due to explicit meta data…sent in new version. Planning work on Cowboys In Her Heart rest of the day.

07-23-17 Received covers for Portuguese version of Taken by Him plus cover for “Release”. Catch up on emails. Created back matter catalog for Portuguese books. Uploaded to Babelcube the Portuguese version of Taken by Him. Placed three more books up on ACX for auditions.  Sent Dark Heat to Nicole Morgan, in charge of Mystical Realms Boxed Set coming in March 2018.


07-22-17 More voice work on Pleasure Burn plus some more basting on final version of Cowboys in Her Heart.

07-21-17 Worked on Final edits for Dark Heat. More voice work for Pleasure Burn.

07-20-17 Worked on voice entry for Pleasure Burn all day. Still tons more to enter from longhand notes.

07-19-17  Worked on Cowboys in Her Heart (final draft) and Pleasure Burn. Plus sent Audiobook Boom coupons for free audiobooks. Website updates. Babelcube work. Ordered covers for Portuguese version of Taken by Him. Sent buy-in money, plus ms of Colter’s Revenge for the participation in free boxed sets 25 Days Christmas in Dec 2017.

07-18-17 – More errands. No writing. Updated website. Updated some pre-order links for Alpha Outlaws Boxed Set and A Hitman for Hannah.

07-17-17 Ran errands today. No writing. Sent buy in money to Nicole Morgan for the Mystical Realms Boxed Set due out in March 2018.

07-16-17 – Uploaded Alpha Outlaws BS to more etailers. More work on Pleasure Burn. A bit on Cowboys. Got accepted into a boxed set with other authors. Contributing Dark Heat – vampire erotic romance m/f/m. Tentative release is March 2018. Signed contract.

07-15-2017 – Did some work on Pleasure Burn. Plus formatted Alpha Outlaws boxed set. Uploaded to Kobo. Decided on an Oct 1, 2017 release.

07-14-2017 – spent the last few days using speech recognition to enter the rest of the longhand pages for Cowboys In Her Heart. Sitting at 40,000 words.

07-09-2017 – uploaded A Hitman for Hannah to Pronoun (Apple, Nook), Google, Kobo Release date Aug. 1, 2017, Smashwords July 10 – to catch the sale. Worked on Pleasure Burn.

07-08-2017 – worked on Taken by Two Physical Trainers & Pleasure Burn, completed formatting A Hitman for Hannah.

07-07-2017 – ordered cover for Release. (previous title – Sexual Release – EC). Worked on Taken by Two Physical Trainers & Pleasure Burn (Outlaw Lovers 6).

07-06-2017 – uploaded last of Taken by Two Firefighters, worked on Pleasure Burn.