I’ve been receiving lots of emails regarding my books/ebooks. So I thought I would answer a few of them here. 🙂


Q. Will there be more Cowboys Online stories?

A. Yes, I have many many ideas for more stories. Due to several family emergencies I have been delayed in getting the stories out.


Q. What happened to your backlist? Why are the books/ ebooks not up for sale anymore?

A. Due to Ellora’s Cave going out of business, I managed to get back the rights to all my books. Due to several family crisis’ and other personal things, there have been many delays. But I am slowly working to get the entire back list out again. Please keep checking back.


Q. Thank you so much for re-releasing Peppermint Creek Inn again! When will the other books in the trilogy be coming out?

A. I will be getting them out as soon as I can. 🙂


Q. Are you Jasmine Black?

A. Yes. Shhhh, but it is a secret. 🙂


Q. When will the next Outlaw Lovers story (Mac’s story) be coming out?

A. I still have plans on finishing “Pleasure Burn”. It is partially finished but still a long way to go on completing the story.


Q. Are you going to continue the Key Club series?

A. I have put the series on a temporary haitus. I hope to start back as soon as possible.


Q. Will you have another Kidnap Fantasies story?

A. Possibly. But further in the future. Right now I am concentrating on the Cowboys Online series, completing the Outlaw Lovers series and getting out the rest of my back list.


Q. What is the prognosis of your Desperadoes series? Will you be re-releasing them? Will the series continue?

A. While I was writing the first stories (The Pleasure Girl, In Her Bed, Be My Dream Tonight – to be re-titled as Awakening Eve) I actually became afraid for the human race. I was part way through the next story “Ember” when I actually could see the Catastrophe actually happening to us in real life. I began to get paranoid about the world losing their electrical grids…So when the stories rights reverted to me I decided to put the series on temporary hiatus. I hope to re-release the stories sometime in the future and I also have ideas for several more. Please keep checking back.


Q. If I have a question how can I contact you?

A. Through my contact page. Please see the top menu. Thanks!