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Now available @ .99cents! Boxed Set ~ Risque Girl Delights


Please note these books have been sold separately and previously published but are now available in one sizzling box set!

RGDelights_Box_JS_3D_noShadow (1)

…a touch of romance, a ménage or both?

Now available!

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(includes Edible Delights, Toygasm, Shy Girl, & Roman and Julietta)


Edible Delights

Years ago Allie Masters lost herself in the scorching passion of a ménage a trois relationship with her two bosses. In order to regain her independence, she walked away.

Max and Nick were very fulfilled with their gorgeous assistant. The lovemaking was breathtaking and both men willingly shared the woman they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. Then she left.

Now Max and Nick have decided it’s time to seduce Allie back into their lives.


 It’s a case of mistaken identity when the two owners of Sexy Toys, show up for an erotic several day photo shoot of their toys with famous nude model Cammie Creek.

Cammie believes the two hunks are the male models she’s supposed to work with. Usually she doesn’t mix business with pleasure, but when they’re seducing her right there in front of the camera, she can’t resist turning them into her own personal naughty toys.

Josh and Jode are enjoying the perks of being male models; hot lust, sizzling toys and the best pleasure they’ve ever had. But how will Cammie react when she discovers they’re actually her bosses and not just male models?

Shy Girl

(previously titled Club Rendezvous)

 Finally free of an abusive relationship, “Shy Girl” Emma McCall sheds her inhibitions and explores her sensual side at Club Rendezvous.
At the club she’s surprised to find Logan Masters, a sexy hunk she’s secretly fantasised about since college. With Logan’s help, Emma will experience her ultimate fantasy – a scorching ménage a trois.

Roman and Julietta

(previously titled Her Captive)

Her perfect lover...Modern day pirate Julietta Black’s life has always been immersed in the violent and traditional ways of piracy. When her family’s arch enemy puts a hit out on her family, Julietta knows there’s only one way to lift the hit; she must kidnap the enemy’s sexy grandson and force a union between the two warring families. Night after night, wrapped in Roman’s strong arms, she can’t deny the searing attraction blazing between them. Nor can she deny he now holds her heart as well as her life in his hands.

His dream angel…When Roman Prince’s mysterious captor offers him a luscious woman to bed, fierce desire ignites, melting his usually tight self-control. Lust quickly turns to love as he enjoys their naughty trysts more than he should. How will he react when he discovers he’s been kidnapped, not for a ransom, but captured for his sperm?

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