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New additions to the family!

Two cats rescued!!

My brother and his family have adopted two black rescue cats from the local shelter. Today they picked up “Jewel” and they dropped by my mom’s place so we could meet the new kitty. She is a very lovely looking cat. She was just spayed and they had her wearing a cone around her neck so she could not get at her stitches. But that didn’t stop her from exploring the house. She was stretching and prancing around and very happy to be out of a cage. Chee Chee (my cat) was quite irritated with the newbie and stayed in her room.


Above pic of cats from http://www.thecreativecat.net

Because the second cat was ill with a respiratory infection when they picked him, the shelter is treating him until he is better and then he will be neutered. His name is “Timmy” and they will be picking him up in a week or two. Originally my brother and family were only going to get one cat to replace their one black who had gone missing just after the ice storm in Dec 2013…but they decided to rescue two cats instead. They just left to go home and will be introducing Jewel to their black lab “Tracker”…it should be an interesting meeting between dog and cat. LOL

We are in the middle of yet another snowstorm today…and another one is coming Wednesday…it’s been one looooooooong tough winter and I will be very happy to see Spring.

Hugs and Have a Great Day!




Getting back to ice normal

I’m slowly getting back to normal after the ice storms. But I still get jumpy when the power goes off for a second and comes back on again. We’ve invested in a new camp stove and lantern (to be used outdoors due to carbon monoxide possibilities)…but if the power goes off again I also invested in more candles, matches, batteries for the flashlights and radio – I’ve got a huge box of kindling plus some firewood stacked by the fireplace and yes the cell phone is fully charged. LOL

As promised here are some pics from the ice storm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pic above and below are scenes right around the corner from my parent’s house. Tons of branches down and some wires too. They was taken a couple of days after the storm. For some reason I didn’t take many pics. I felt as if I was violating the people who were

out of power. It was a weird feeling that I had never experienced before.



During the power outage we hunkered in the basement by the friendliest fireplace. We sent out word that we had heat and everyone was welcome, but neighbors opted to stay in their own homes. We had a pot of hot water going all day for coffee and in anticipation of the storm mom had cooked up some homemade soap which really came in handy!





I’m thinking that if extreme weather becomes the new norm – Hydro should start putting all wires underground- big $$$ to do but it might save them big $$$ in the long run on manpower if their infrastructure went underground. Above is the wire from our house…we got off lucky compared to lots of people.


The top of our very tall and gorgeous pine tree is starting to lean. We pray it doesn’t fall on the house.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning after a pretty and fluffy all night snowfall…more weight on the already ice-laden trees…more power failures to come?

Mom seems to be doing better the past few days. Let’s hope the bladder infection diagnosis was the right one and no more problems.

And as always a post is not complete without mention of Chee Chee…who during the power failure was stubborn and remained upstairs in the cold – but finally ventured downstairs to sit near the fire. Chee Chee was not amused when her ears got cold. lol She has been hugging blankets ever since.



That’s it for now…going to grab a salad and sandwich and nurse my aching back – too much walking on ice to get firewood, too much snow shoveling and too much chopping firewood…and of course too much ice. LOLOL.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!





Snowing again!

Wow! It is snowing again. Woke up to another winter wonderland early this morning and the flakes continue to spiral down. It’s a wonderful day for writing. I will be working on Inner Girl Rising and doing research for Sophie’s Menage as well.

I think I have discovered the reason Chee Chee is not going out – I thought it was because of the snow – now I am wondering if perhaps she prefers to stay inside because I PLAY with her and give her post-exercise treats? LOL



Hope the snow blower works for me today. Fingers crossed.

Have a great day!!



Story is writing itself!

Every once in awhile I write a story that “writes by itself”.

My current work-in-progress tentatively titled “Inner Girl Rising” is doing just that. It is amazing to sit at my computer and have my fingers fly over the keyboard so quickly that before I know what has happened I am sitting at 6,000 words. LOL. I really hope I can keep up this wonderful pace. It is quite fun! The story takes place in Northern Ontario, Canada and will be filled with wildlife and of course erotic romance menages!

I snapped a shot of my mom’s Christmas lights from inside the house. Looks so pretty!


And due to the recent snowstorm, Chee Chee the cat has been sticking mainly to our front porch and window sill. She absolutely hates getting her feet wet with the snow. She is such a princess! 🙂


And since she is sooooooooooooo bored, I’ve taken to getting her to exercise with a fast-moving string. Here she is below, after a work-out session. LOL. I am an evil task master, eh?



And today my mom was busy too! After many years of having no interest in sewing, she lugged out her old Bernina sewing machine (the Bernina must be 55yrs old as it was a wedding present to her by my dad!). She whipped up some nice curtains for the side door.  Took her a very short time. But she says her fingers just do not work as they used to.



Well, enough stalling! I shall head back to my story. You have a great day!!

Hugs and Happy Reading!



Stormy and moving up the Bestseller List!

Ooolala it’s a snowing and a blowing outside tonight! I hear there is a windchill of -25 celcius. There is even ice forming on the inside corners of our new skylights! Early this morning I decided to bare the cold to take a walk so I put on two sets of long johns beneath my track pants and two hoodies plus my backlava and scarf. Have mercy but when I got back I was sweating! LOL But my eyes froze!

Chee Chee is being very brave today and staying inside! Below is a pic I took while trying to entertain her. The poor kittie was so bored. LOL



“A Merry Menage Christmas” continues to climb ARe’s Bestseller List. Thanks so much for supporting this book. I do hope you are enjoying this series. 🙂 Here’s a peek for folks who haven’t seen it yet:

BestsellerIcon100X100 (2)

A-Merry-Menage-ChristmasMidRes (2)

Best Seller at All Romance

Available at: Smashwords | AReSpunky Girl | Nook | Nook UK | Kobo| Coming to iTunes and more!

Amazon Kindle: US | CanadaUK | Australia | France | Italy | Deutschland | Japan | Espana | India |Brazil | Mexico

Dr. Kelsie Madison can’t remember the last time she’s had no-strings sex and that’s her clue she’s been working way too hard. It’s time to unwind at the Key Club by indulging in a yummy Christmas present for herself. Something she’s never experienced before – a red-hot ménage.

ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist, Dixon Flynn love sharing their women. They’ve had their eye on cute Dr. Kelsie Madison for quite some time, but she’s a workaholic and she never has time to play.

When they learn she’ll be at the Santa Claus Ménage Night festivities, they’ll make sure they’re the ones kissing Kelsie under the mistletoe  and if they get their wish, Kelsie will be taking them home for Christmas.

I’m heading back to watching “Sound of Music” with Carrie Underwood – I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I am!!

Hugs and Happy Weekend!





Squeeing! One more to scene to write!!

I can hardly believe I am almost finished “A Merry Menage Christmas”.

One more hot scene to write and then off to the editor who is impatiently waiting. LOL. I hope to have the story out this weekend! I just don’t want to finish this story, I have been having so much fun with it, but alas, I must dash off to the next story, which is already burning in the back of my mind. 🙂

Yesterday I picked up Emily’s remains. It wasn’t as sad as I had thought it would be. It was kind of a relief to have her back, even if in an urn. *sad face* I have her sitting by my puter on my desk for now. They even gave us a pawprint of Emily, which was really sweet.

I did have a shock when I took the urn out of the box and the lid popped off the urn! OMG! I have never seen ashes (from a dead body) before and thankfully they were in a plastic bag along with a pretty gold ribbon. I let Chee Chee have a smell at the urn – and she scrunched up her face and ran away. Hmmm. Interesting reaction.





To cheer ourselves up we just finished hanging the outdoor Christmas lights before the next cold wave comes in.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Happy Hugs!



Oiii House Repairs plague

My parent’s house is getting ohhhh so old…I walked into the garage last night and looked up at the ceiling and *gasp* water spots!

With a brand new roof and new skylights put in this last Spring, I got freak-me-out  nervous at this discovery. So I put in a call to our roofer – you gotta know there have been previous problems with our roof when you are on a first name basis with your roofer – LOL.


He was very kind and popped over today to check out the problem (he works Sundays too!!) but he couldn’t find anything wrong – EXCEPT we didn’t get the inside of the skylights areas “sealed” — oops forgot — the new windows were a different size than the old, so there are gaps….and it appears to be a condensation problem going on up there. The hot air is getting into where it shouldn’t and there is condensing all the way from the kitchen to adjoining garage. We were able to peek through a crack and sure enough there are tons of water droplets hanging off the metal –oopsie! LOL

So he’s referred us to a company that some of his customers have used with good results and a fellow is coming over on Tues to give us an estimate to put in a vapor barrier, dry wall, etc…Wow being a house owner sure is expensive with repairs. We are hoping this will solve the condensation problem. *crossing fingers, toes and eyes*



Office cat Chee Chee napping – I think she has finally caught on that Emily is not around anymore as she has stopped looking for her and still continues to be more affectionate than usual. Poor CheeChee.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



Fire in the Sky tonight

Looked quite nice. 🙂


Took a walk yesterday and  shot a couple of pics.



And of course a post cannot be complete without the office cat – CheeChee. *grin*


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Back to Writing


After a week of no writing, I am finally back to working on “A Merry Menage Christmas”.

Since Emily’s passing I just haven’t had the lust to work, but bills need to be paid and the above office cat – CheeChee – needs to be fed. *grin* Not that she looks hungry….as she brings home mice, chipmunks or birds on a daily basis.

The current story is about 3/4 complete and will be released thru Spunky Girl so it will probably be a limited release (Smashwords, Kindle) as to the delay…Worked on a flogging scene – my first ever! And wow, I had no idea flogging could be so relaxing!!

My 82 yr old mom wasn’t well today…so I had to cut out some writing time to chase her around the house with a puke bucket. LOL She thinks it is a bad case of acid reflux as after puking she felt better…she’s had that problem off and on lately. I nursed her with some Zantac.

We had a lovely winter wonderland today, but now it’s gotten windy and cold. No fun. Oh well, it makes one appreciate the warm weather, I guess…think Florida…yes, I will think Florida…one day I will have to go and see it as I have never been.

Here’s a couple of pics I took over the last few days.




Okay I had best head back to the story. 🙂

Hope you have a great evening!




OMG! My First Kiss!



Today I got my very first kiss from our 5 year old cat, CheeChee.

It was a faint lick on my forehead, but a kiss nonetheless. CheeChee, who was a stray when I found her, has always been a loner and rarely affectionate.  She hates to be held and we would get scratched or bit at least once every few weeks. This bad attitude started to change ever so slightly this past summer after the loss of our oldest cat and now that our other kitty has passed, CheeChee is suddenly the only cat of the house, “Queen of this domain” and to our surprise she has become a little more available. lol

I hope she continues to come out of her shell. It’s taken a long time, but well worth the wait. It’s like watching a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 🙂

Hope you all are having a great day!