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Let it snow! Let it snow!


Ohhhh my goodness! It’s snowing again and again and again. LOL. With a windchill of -34C tonight (-29F?) I am seriously thinking maybe it is about time to head to Florida! Woot!


I hear in NewFoundland and Quebec (maybe other places too) there are rolling blackouts due to the high demand on electricity as people try to stay warm. No worries, I am keeping notes for a possible Ice Age erotic romance series…with this cold weather lately, for all I know we could be heading into an ice age and any fiction series may turn non-fiction. *gasp*

Alas, I have a toasty bean bag nestled against my back preparing for the snow shoveling to come tonight. Another storm tomorrow night (possible) and then another Sunday night (a big one)…what a wintry start to the New Year!

Hope your New Years is off to a great start!!

jan, off to grab a mug of hot chocolate