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“A Merry Menage Christmas” has cracked the top 100 at Amazon again. LOL

Squeeeeing! I am not sure if this happens to other authors or not, as this is the first time I’ve had a book hit the top 100 at Amazon Kindle (Holiday section). LOL. So it’s kind of fun to watch it back on the list again. Thanks to everyone for your warm support! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!! It was up to #92 this time around the last time I checked.


A-Merry-Menage-ChristmasMidRes (2)

So, today I have the snowblower all ready to go as we are in for another snowstorm tomorrow – gonna forgo the shovel this time around as it appears the storm is going to dump up to 20 cm. Should be fun…not. LOL

I have made an appt for a massage on Tues and hopefully she will be able to get out all the kinks I have accumulated the last few times of shoveling.  I shovel instead of snowblowing for exercise…but my back does not praise me. Ahhhh well.

Today is a gorgeous and relatively warm day but we will be dipping down come Monday when the cold air grabs hold of us again. Now I look forward to the January Thaw and cross my fingers it will be a long one. Wooohooo! A shout out to those folks in NewFoundland and other parts of the Maritimes who are without electricity today. I’m hoping things will resolve quickly for you guys through this rocky time. Sending you hugs and thinking about you.

Okay, so I must march off and get some writing done! Working on both “Inner Girl Rising” (Target EC if I can get the deadline) and Sophie’s Menage (for Spunky Girl Key Club) today.

Hope you have a great day!!


Squeeeeing! “A Merry Menage Christmas” is a Best Seller!

Exciting news! “A Merry Menage Christmas” is a Best Seller!! Squeeeeeing!

I just received an email from All Romance letting me know that “A Merry Menage Christmas” has just hit their Best Seller list! Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers for making this happen! You guys truly rock!!

Here’s a peek at the story:


A-Merry-Menage-ChristmasLowRes (2)

Dr. Kelsie Madison can’t remember the last time she’s had no-strings sex and that’s her clue she’s been working way too hard. It’s time to unwind at the Key Club by indulging in a yummy Christmas present for herself. Something she’s never experienced before – a red-hot ménage.

ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist, Dixon Flynn love sharing their women. They’ve had their eye on cute Dr. Kelsie Madison for quite some time, but she’s a workaholic and she never has time to play.

When they learn she’ll be at the Santa Claus Ménage Night festivities, they’ll make sure they’re the ones kissing Kelsie under the mistletoe and unwrapping her beneath the Christmas tree. And if they get their wish, Kelsie will be taking them home for Christmas.

Available at: Smashwords | All RomanceSpunky Girl | Coming to Nook, Sony, iTunes, Kobo and more!

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