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Ménage – The Key Club 1 AUDIOBOOK *NEW*

The Key Club #1

Claire’s story ~ Ménage

Narrated by Teri Clark Linden

Audiobook: Amazon | Audible | iTunes 

Author Claire Miller enjoys an occasional unwind at The Key Club. During her latest visit, Claire is sizzling up her adventurous side and making her naughtiest dreams come true with a hot menage.

Instant attraction make construction workers Josh Anderson and Levis Jones take notice of the pretty woman at the Key Club. She’s a hot dream the two men can’t wait to experience, and their desire for Claire becomes a pleasure they don’t want to escape.



Oiii House Repairs plague

My parent’s house is getting ohhhh so old…I walked into the garage last night and looked up at the ceiling and *gasp* water spots!

With a brand new roof and new skylights put in this last Spring, I got freak-me-out  nervous at this discovery. So I put in a call to our roofer – you gotta know there have been previous problems with our roof when you are on a first name basis with your roofer – LOL.


He was very kind and popped over today to check out the problem (he works Sundays too!!) but he couldn’t find anything wrong – EXCEPT we didn’t get the inside of the skylights areas “sealed” — oops forgot — the new windows were a different size than the old, so there are gaps….and it appears to be a condensation problem going on up there. The hot air is getting into where it shouldn’t and there is condensing all the way from the kitchen to adjoining garage. We were able to peek through a crack and sure enough there are tons of water droplets hanging off the metal –oopsie! LOL

So he’s referred us to a company that some of his customers have used with good results and a fellow is coming over on Tues to give us an estimate to put in a vapor barrier, dry wall, etc…Wow being a house owner sure is expensive with repairs. We are hoping this will solve the condensation problem. *crossing fingers, toes and eyes*



Office cat Chee Chee napping – I think she has finally caught on that Emily is not around anymore as she has stopped looking for her and still continues to be more affectionate than usual. Poor CheeChee.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



Back to Writing


After a week of no writing, I am finally back to working on “A Merry Menage Christmas”.

Since Emily’s passing I just haven’t had the lust to work, but bills need to be paid and the above office cat – CheeChee – needs to be fed. *grin* Not that she looks hungry….as she brings home mice, chipmunks or birds on a daily basis.

The current story is about 3/4 complete and will be released thru Spunky Girl so it will probably be a limited release (Smashwords, Kindle) as to the delay…Worked on a flogging scene – my first ever! And wow, I had no idea flogging could be so relaxing!!

My 82 yr old mom wasn’t well today…so I had to cut out some writing time to chase her around the house with a puke bucket. LOL She thinks it is a bad case of acid reflux as after puking she felt better…she’s had that problem off and on lately. I nursed her with some Zantac.

We had a lovely winter wonderland today, but now it’s gotten windy and cold. No fun. Oh well, it makes one appreciate the warm weather, I guess…think Florida…yes, I will think Florida…one day I will have to go and see it as I have never been.

Here’s a couple of pics I took over the last few days.




Okay I had best head back to the story. 🙂

Hope you have a great evening!