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Go get them Tentacles! Bared to Him a Bestseller!

Squeeeeing! Bared to Him is a Bestseller over at All Romance ebooks!


Bared to Him

A Tentacle Shifter Erotic Romance.

Alaskan Tentacle Shifter Gray Wagner is the last male that boat-builder Miranda Bolton

dreams about falling in love with.  Until she begins to fantasize about all the naughty things he can do to her…



A Tentacles Shape Shifter Erotic Romance

Human by day, and a tentacle shape shifter by night, sexy Gray Wagner, is the last male that Miranda Bolton dreams of falling in love with. He’s an irritating, arrogant male who teases her to no end. Due to her ancestry, Miranda knows she has a chance at becoming a shifter just like Gray. Alone with him, travelling the high seas on a yacht, Gray suddenly becomes the only male she wants to mate with, and she’s going to get what she wants…

Alaskan custom boat maker, Gray Wagner, promised Miranda’s dad that he would keep his daughter safe during their weeklong ocean voyage to attend their friend’s Calder and Catalina’s wedding in California, but Miranda’s succulent shifter scent is driving Gray to distraction. He knows he shouldn’t be thinking about doing all the dirty and delicious things he wants to do to her, but all his promises to Miranda’s father disintegrate when Miranda shifts and Gray goes primal…

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Bared to Him Coming Soon to: Spunky Girl, Kobo and Google Play

Bared to Him is also in the Wicked Hot Box Set! Details coming soon…

Bared to Him is a sequel to Passionate Ink

For Catalina & Calder’s story – click here

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Passionate Ink

Jan Springer
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Line: Twilight – Shapeshifter/Tattoo/Tentacle fetish/Erotic Romance
Book length: Short novel

Formats: Ellora’s Cave | Nook | Nook UK |  Kobo | ibooks ARe | Kindle

Tattoo artist Catalina Brown falls head-over-orgasms for the stranger who asks for a tentacle tattoo on his…most sensitive body part.

Normally mixing business with pleasure isn’t her thing, but he’s a sexual magnet she’s instantly drawn to, particularly after Cat experiences a wicked-hot artistic high while tattooing his every succulent inch. It all seems too good to be true.

Octoposeidon shape shifter Calder Croft catches the female’s succulent scent when she passes his California marina, and he can’t ignore the way she fires his blood. After meeting her, he’s stunned to discover Cat has no idea she’s a shifter about to come into her Change.

It takes all his self-control to keep from ravishing the sexy woman right on the spot.Calder has to tell Cat the truth about her heritage. She’ll either accept her birthright as a shifter—or succumb to madness, forever losing their chance at love.