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Return from the Writer’s Retreat

Wow! Long time no see my blog! I thought I would pop over and update everyone as to what is going on my way. 🙂

He! He! He! I popped over to my writer’s retreat last week with full intentions of getting the water into the house and start up my spring to fall writing routine…Last fall I had cleared all the water out of the plumbing for the winter so I could spend time with my mom down south.

Alas! I couldn’t get any water to come out of my taps! LOL The water had come into the tanks yet all I got was spitting and hissing and a just drops of water…this had never happened before so I asked around but no one knew what the possible cause could be. So I called around for plumbers who were all very busy or not working as it was Easter weekend…so we had to wait until Tues…


Sooooo out comes the water barrel to catch rainwater from the downspout…got lots!!

The plumber finally came and he took off the screens at the end of the spouts and discovered all were loaded with granite specks from the well…(me city girl scratching her head saying “now would you look at that?”) LOL The bathtub tap wasn’t so easy to fix as he had to go into the bedroom closet and cut a huge hole in the wall to get at a blocked pipe…after two and half hours I had WATER for a bath! We all celebrated!

After he left CheeChee (cat) and I went outside to dump the water barrel…well I hadn’t realized that CheeChee was way too close and when the barrel went over…SPLASH!! LOL

Poor CheeChee was frantic as a tsunami bared down on her. I never saw a cat jump so high or run so fast! Too bad I didn’t have a camera but the pic below gives you an idea of how high she was jumping.

cat and water


Today I ordered a custom cover from Bookin’ It Designs for an upcoming project I have in mind. Also picked up an ebook on how to do your own audiobooks – hmmm wonder if anyone wants to hear my voice reading my own books??? *grin*

As for exercising, I went for an hour long walk along Lake Ontario’s beach early this morning and listened to the lovely songbirds greeting in Spring. This afternoon I did some roto tilling in the garden to help prevent the weeds from taking hold before gardening season begins.

Work on Jewel’s Menage (The Key Club) has stalled a bit but I hope to pick up on it in a day or two after I get some other stuff out of the way.

Okay so that’s my update…now I’m off to grab a late supper of homemade vegetable soup (mom made it – and she is still awaiting her gall bladder surgery appt but no more problems since cutting down on the fat).

Have a great day!!






First Spring Robin!

I’m pleased to announce I saw my first robin since Spring started! She was plump and very healthy looking and chirping despite the 10 below Celsius temperature. I walked the trails this morning and also spotted a couple of red winged blackbirds PLUS three deer!!

And I saw the cover for The Spice Box! As soon as I have permission I will post the cover. We have 16 authors in the box set. I will reveal the authors soon!! The Spice Box will contain over $50.00 worth of books and will be priced at .99cents! A great deal. More details coming soon!!

Today I am working on “Jewel’s Ménage”…since finishing Sophie’s Menage I was in a bit of a burnout mode so I had to take it easy. But the creative spark is back and I am at the computer again!

Yesterday I took a tumble on the snow-covered ice path…WoW! Did I go down fast! I landed on my belly with my elbows cracking into the ice. Today both my armpits and shoulders are killing me. So sore!! LOLOL. But no broken bones but I do have huge bruises on the elbows. I am really counting my lucky stars as it could have been worse. Whew!

Unfortunately the camera went flying into the ice and it doesn’t seem to be working anymore! Better the camera’s demise than mine. LOLOL

For the Walking Dead fans – two more episodes left this season! I cried into a box of Kleenex with last week’s episode…Sooo sad! I do hope no more of my favorites die! But in a zombie riddled world I suppose people will die. *sniff*

That’s it for now! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!







Jan Springer newsletter now available!

Hi & Happy last day of Winter!!! Wooot!

For readers who are interested and for readers who may not have gotten my latest newsletter (sent out today), it can be found here:


Happy Reading!



Update on Sophie’s Menage!

Sophie's Menage WEBSITE USE

I thought I’d better give an update on “Sophie’s Ménage” and why Sophie’s story has been s a wee bit delayed.

To tell the truth, Sophie got a bit too pissed off at her two ex-hunks and she stopped talking to me as well. So I had to patiently wait until she cooled off. Which she finally has, and she has allowed me to begin writing about her story again. She’s decided on a little bit of revenge in order to get back at her men and those are the scenes I am working on today. Squeeeeing! If Sophie continues to talk, we should have our next Key Club story out by the end of this month!! Wish me luck! Woot!

Also an update on “A Merry Ménage Christmas” – Kelsie’s story continues to do very well on Kindle. Earlier this morning she was #41 on the Kindle Holiday Best Seller List! Thanks to all you guys for loving this series. I really appreciate it and I am loving writing these stories for you. 🙂

Okay, heading back to Sophie. She is really talking today. LOL

Have a great day!




OMG! Robins spotted!!

Just heard in the news that a couple of robins have been spotted in Mississauga, Ontario Canada! Just down the highway from us. OMG! Do they know something that we don’t??? Is Spring on the way or are the robins crazy?


We have more snow on the way – a storm on Saturday and another next week? Hmm, perhaps the robins are just teasing us? I hope not because I am winter weary *le sigh* Let’s all wait for Groundhog Day and see what the groundhogs have to say. I hope it is good news.

On the book front – I have 5,000 words for Sophie’s Ménage and 24,000 words for Inner Girl Rising…both stories are still going strong! With SM I had to delete a big portion as the story wanted to go another way so I had to go with it and that is why it hasn’t progressed as quickly as I had hoped. *smile* But the new version is hotter!!

My parent’s old house continues to grieve me…lol…the radiant heating in the room I am sleeping in has died…the fuses are working so I have to get a new thermostat…but in the meantime I purchased a lovely warm heater for the room. The radiant heater in the bathroom went awhile ago…talk about chilly showers! Brrr…Brrr…on a good note, Mom is thinking about getting one of those nice bathtubs with soothing water jets…oooolala! We will see. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now!

Hugs and Happy Reading!



Digging Out!

snowy day peanuts

Wow! We are digging out from yet another snowstorm/blizzard. The cross winds last night were clocked at 100 km/hr in our area and boy oh boy did we discover that this old house is not as weatherproofed as we had hoped. We could feel air coming in through the electrical outlets on the side of the house the wind was hitting. Very interesting! LOL

I taped the outlets with electrical tape and placed a heavy duty blanket over the window to dampen the noise of the wind…it worked…room got toasty and we slept good!

Alas today my parent’s red brick house is a white snow house with three foot drifts here and there…there was a break in the weather and I got the driveway cleared and now it is snowing again. LOL

Ahhhhh winter…I want to win a lottery so I can buy a nice little trailer down in Florida and spend my winters there. Who wants to join me *grin*

dream trailer

Ohhhh dear, TWO snow plows just went by…off to get rid of the windrows!

HUGS and Hope you have a great day!!




Now on itunes – A Merry Menage Christmas!

Squeeeeing! I guess the old saying better late than never comes into play in this case *grin* I’m glad to announce that “A Merry Menage Christmas” is now available at iTunes!!!




The rest of the Key Club series is also available at iTunes!

Menage – Book 1 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/menage/id591634798?mt=11



Marley’s Menage – Book 2 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/marleys-menage/id753051133?mt=11

MarleysMenage2500x1563 (4)